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This is actually a pretty cool story.  I'm sure Chinese factory worker wages are horrible compared to US wages, but their cost of living is less.  Apple is fighting a good fight.   It's going to be an interesting century as Chinese and Indian labor comes online, which will create a labor glut and makes it uneconomical for expensive labor countries to make anything.   I can't wait for the day when all labor costs and wages around the world are comparable -- I probably...
   "Thus far, Samsung hasn't won any injunction of that kind. It previously relied largely on standard-essential patents (SEPs), and a Korea Times report published on Friday suggests that Samsung is once again contemplating a multijurisdictional push for preliminary injunctions against a new iPhone (or iPad 4G): "Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology." It tried this...
  LOL! I sure hope Samsung tries to beat-up Apple with LTE FRAND licenses.  It'll be nice to see: 1. Anti-Trust investigations against Samsung 2. Korean companies being politely asked to leave all standards bodies.
This sure doesn't sound promising.  I bought an iPad as a gift for my mother about two weeks ago and the Genius I was dealing with pulled a BestBuy sales routine to push Applecare down my throat.  I did not appreciate it -- and thought to myself that it felt like the guy was on commission.  I do not want to deal with commissioned/quota'd sales people when I visit an Apple store.
Disgorgement - All your SIII profit are belong to us.
I'm having a problem accessing articles on my iPhone as well.  When I click an article I get a blank page. boo! :(
Agreed.  I am in the market for a new fridge...it won't be a Samsung.
That's probably because you're still making the Asus ultra book MBA clone. Perhaps Apple knows something you don't.
Good choices -- I too have been spoiled with Apple gear and will not touch junky equipment anymore. I still have to use a Wintel work laptop -- and man do I loath it.
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