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Disgorgement - All your SIII profit are belong to us.
I'm having a problem accessing articles on my iPhone as well.  When I click an article I get a blank page. boo! :(
Agreed.  I am in the market for a new fridge...it won't be a Samsung.
That's probably because you're still making the Asus ultra book MBA clone. Perhaps Apple knows something you don't.
Good choices -- I too have been spoiled with Apple gear and will not touch junky equipment anymore. I still have to use a Wintel work laptop -- and man do I loath it.
Yep, and I'm a manu bidding on Apple work, I'm going to think twice before I start producing products for an Apple copyist -- because Apple has a long memory. Slow'em down..
In this case it may be less about copycats and more about Asus gaining from the manufacturers lessons learned and equipment purchased to build the MBA. "Asus if you want to copy, we can't stop you, but you won't get benefits from us" is probably what Apple is thinking.
Whats that? That's the smell of FRAND abuse. This will not end well for ... wait for it.. Motorola.
No wonder Steve J was pissed off that Android was a stolen product. I could not imagine my fury if someone working on my project went to a competitor and build the same project. It really seems that Google decided to move forward with releasing Android at lightspeed, d@mned the consequences .. they would deal with them later. First ripping of Sun^H^H^HOracle/Java -- and then ripping off Apple. If Google were sticking to their '"Don't Be Evil" mantra, they would have...
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