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See, here's the thing... Our upgrade experience is 1. Buy new iPhone for $199 or $299 2. Sell old iPhone for $199 or $299.People want old apple devices because they are still functional and useful. They can upgrade to the latest iOS. I don't mind android fans -- I just think they missed the MIcrosoft 90s and are repeating it. Just don't come into an Apple forum and interrupt us getting ou chuckles over your crapand think we won tell you why your stuff is crap. Many...
...and the cracks in the "open" business model start to show. Samesung doesn't care about the old customers, they only care about their new customers. They are being aggressively pursued by other low cost providers -- they can't afford to spend money on stuff like taking care of their old customers. This isn't a case of the strongest survive - a la Darwin survival of the species -- this is a case of cheapest product wins. It's like comparing a Ford to a BMW --...
Long term, this may end up being great for Korea. Korea has always had a "copy society" .. someone needs to push them into the deep side of the pool and get them to swim for themselves. If they don't swim for themselves, eventually a bigger, badder copier (*cough* China *cough*), will drive their margins into the ground and they'll have a big problem. I'm all for Apple forcing this issue and trying to "fix Korea".
So if I were an Android partner, selling an Android tablet today, I'd be pretty pissed off that Eric just undermined the sales of my current product. "Hi Eric, I'd like to have a one-on-one meeting with you, so I can kick you in the nuts." Larry Page, I used to be a huge Google fan, and still am (but much less so -- because, well, ya kinda remind me of Microsoft now). I like what you've done for Google recently -- please fire your ex-CEO. He's a nightmare. I'll like...
It's not ahead of it's time. Microsoft developed the idea of a vaporware product commercial years ago.
I'm shocked. Shocked I tell ya!
Relax, holding AAPL will work out just fine... AAPL is up 17.7% YTD (even with today's miserable performance). AAPL is up 18.7% over the past year. AAPL is up 80% since 1/1/10. AAPL is up 343% since 1/1/09. I'd say you're doing pretty darn well if you're holding AAPL. Disclosure: I bought more long AAPL today.
You are working on the assumption that text size has to shrink. iPhone4/4S (Retina) and iPhone3G/3GS have the same menu/text size, but the iPhone4/4S series have much higher resolution. This is because they decreased dot pitch -- the screen pixels are closer together -- that's where the extra resolution is going. This is the same reason big 17" 'laptop hunter' screens are so poor quality. The screen size is larger, but the manufactures kept the resolution the same by...
I believe he dumbs it down for his audience. /me looks at you.
"Hey honey, why did this picture of a stripper just show up in iPhoto?"
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