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In this case it may be less about copycats and more about Asus gaining from the manufacturers lessons learned and equipment purchased to build the MBA. "Asus if you want to copy, we can't stop you, but you won't get benefits from us" is probably what Apple is thinking.
Whats that? That's the smell of FRAND abuse. This will not end well for ... wait for it.. Motorola.
No wonder Steve J was pissed off that Android was a stolen product. I could not imagine my fury if someone working on my project went to a competitor and build the same project. It really seems that Google decided to move forward with releasing Android at lightspeed, d@mned the consequences .. they would deal with them later. First ripping of Sun^H^H^HOracle/Java -- and then ripping off Apple. If Google were sticking to their '"Don't Be Evil" mantra, they would have...
OSX is 10 years old now, and I consider it the best consumer desktop OS. It's got another 10 years left IMO. I don't see any difference between iOS and OSX longevity -- in 5 years we'll be looking forward to the next 10 years of iOS.
“This boulder comprised of Apple and Blackberry rolled on our arm,” he said. After first bouncing off Ballmer's head.
So I think their Metro UI design decision is much more sinister. If they came out with a mobile OS similar to iOS/Android, they wouldn't be able to exert their monopoly desktop power to force people to use the new MS mobile OS. HOWEVER, if they came up with an all new design -- METRO, and then aligned their monopoly desktop with the METRO UI, now they can then use the monopoly desktop power to coerce enterprises to buy both Metro desktop OS and Metro mobile OS. It's all...
I agree with Marissa, I went through about a dozen WLAN routers over the years -- and eventually got an Airport Extreme.. I was hooked, everything just worked and I stopped having issues. I'll never buy a non-Apple WLAN router ever again! Good for her commenting on this .. I want to tear my eyes whenever I see WLAN router recommendation threads and people recommend non-Apple gear.. they do not know what they do not know.
See, here's the thing... Our upgrade experience is 1. Buy new iPhone for $199 or $299 2. Sell old iPhone for $199 or $299.People want old apple devices because they are still functional and useful. They can upgrade to the latest iOS. I don't mind android fans -- I just think they missed the MIcrosoft 90s and are repeating it. Just don't come into an Apple forum and interrupt us getting ou chuckles over your crapand think we won tell you why your stuff is crap. Many...
...and the cracks in the "open" business model start to show. Samesung doesn't care about the old customers, they only care about their new customers. They are being aggressively pursued by other low cost providers -- they can't afford to spend money on stuff like taking care of their old customers. This isn't a case of the strongest survive - a la Darwin survival of the species -- this is a case of cheapest product wins. It's like comparing a Ford to a BMW --...
Long term, this may end up being great for Korea. Korea has always had a "copy society" .. someone needs to push them into the deep side of the pool and get them to swim for themselves. If they don't swim for themselves, eventually a bigger, badder copier (*cough* China *cough*), will drive their margins into the ground and they'll have a big problem. I'm all for Apple forcing this issue and trying to "fix Korea".
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