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Oh no!!!! How many times did we read titles like this?! Too many i'm afraid...and people still don't get it. Flash sucks and must die. http://occupyflash.org
Just as when the story came out soon after the release of the iPhone 6 , this is a nonstory. Nothing here to see or conclude. Move on with your life!
When did ever Samsung et all keep innovating and make great products?Exactly. Competition is always very sane as long as it's fueled by the right principles (create a product the best you can, enough so to make human life better). When one company starts ripping off another company for ideas, designs, innovations and even price strategies then how is that competition?
It's based on stealing the Apple features and ideas. If you go that far you can also argue that the fingerprint scam (not SCAN) was also not an Apple rip off since the scanner is not circular and the scan works by swiping not by touching. The same can be said about the Passbook copy-scam.
I'll bite on the bait: Both links you provided indeed "work" on non-jailbraked iOS devices BUT you still have to accept or trust the following situations based on the links: 1. In case one, you have to trust the computer, when you clearly connected your iOS device to a usual "charger". That scream at you: do you want to get fucked!? Answer if so... 2. In case two, again you have to trust...this time...an enterprise provisioning certificate. That also screams at you: do you...
How do you know that? When an app breaks sandboxing requirements which is a mandatory rule for apps submitted to the App Store, then we have a problem of security.  A rule is a rule and when/if you start to allow exceptions then there will be consequences. So in essence everything has to do with quality of service, be it from customer experience or from customer protection and data protection.
Correct! Moreover people miss an important point. If Apple has a policy in place (like a rule) that says all apps that upload files to the iCloud must have the files created within the app, then so be it. A rule is a rule and you must respect it no matter what, with all the goods and the bads that come with it. If the rule itself is damaging you must change it, but you do so for all. In other words you have to be consistent and not let exceptions become the rule. In fact...
Hahha this is golden!
Exactly and might i add that from my experiments i've seen it's much better to stay on 5GHz even with a weak signal or about 50% than on 2.4GHz on stronger 90%. On the same router, in this scenario, the network speed was 4x or even 5x faster.
OMG the droid super army of idiots has come!
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