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GTAT has been withdrawn from transactions if i'm not mistaken.
Here's someone who actually thinks!
My thoughts exactly. As per another poster: Even if AAPL reaches 200, what do you think he will do, stay? I bet he'll sell. That's what all market players that make a living from, do once they achieve their goals. And they like to achieve it quickly, unscrupulously, and if it's possible by forcing other into making decisions that consolidate their "prediction".
 All good advice Sir in general. But one has to make a distinction between how a company is ran and able to generate revenue and profits for it's investors and how a company's stock is traded and valued. As for your own statement: "Stock prices are strongly influenced by irrational reasoning" i couldn't agree more. Despite the fact that Apple overall reported record after records, still the stock plummeted in the past few years.  So for the serious investor that's on the...
I agree with this guy! Even if Icahn nailed some past predictions, the current price of APPLE is not by a long shot his merit. APPLE is not priced today the way it is because of the 14B buyback, but because of a better satisfaction of the market "expectancy" from Apple in terms of products recently announced (watch, phablet). If Icahn really considers Apple stock so undervalued today, and really believes in the 200 mark he predicted, then let him sell all other assets and...
I don't get that after your sequence. The color stays to Graphite. 
Yes yes but will it allow daisy chaining like TB does?
I got rid of Flash long time ago on all my Macs and all the Macs from my company. Life on the web became just better.
Ended reading here: A fresh rumor out of Korea...
Yeah i also get angry and frustrated while driving because i'm hungry and i yell at Siri to make me a Peanut butter sandwich AND with jelly but she never completes the order...she only gets the first part and i only get the peanut butter on my bread. VERY FRUSTRATING! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxKhUuZ0Rc 
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