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I got rid of Flash long time ago on all my Macs and all the Macs from my company. Life on the web became just better.
Ended reading here: A fresh rumor out of Korea...
Yeah i also get angry and frustrated while driving because i'm hungry and i yell at Siri to make me a Peanut butter sandwich AND with jelly but she never completes the order...she only gets the first part and i only get the peanut butter on my bread. VERY FRUSTRATING! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxKhUuZ0Rc 
Very good article that touches all the important parts, especially the security by obscurity 'motivation'.
This and other such titles like th JDPowers customer satisfaction top ranks awarded to Apple along with the Q1 2014 POZITIVE and ascending overall results, generate tanking of the stock....I'm simply lost. The stock market behaves too irrational. Nothing is rational anymore, just pure speculation.
I didn't argue against his creation date of the account. Nor about if his comments were related to the activity of investing or not. I didn't see a single argument of support in his claims. Considering his claims are so razor sharp in conviction without any proper evidence of the so called convictions, in contrast to the article and to the general consensus on this thread, i consider this trolling. 
I smell a troll. Period. Not even going to bother to reply to that vomit of a text. PS: When vomit appears, one should always read instead of "investor" "speculator".
 Here is a man that uses it's brain! What staggers me is that this isn't some very complicated logic but at the same time most people (especially those working in the financial dept) fail to recognize this or to understand it.  The market? What defines the market? Some financial institutions that give periodic specialized 'advise' to the market? Or 'players' that establish some targets for traded companies, based on their 'analysis' or based on 'inside rumors'?  If that is...
Hmm...i think you're splitting hairs right now. Even so, you missed my point: If a secret agency has a very very important SECRET (let's say the Vatican has in it's archives the Vault of Heaven) or whatever important artifact or document, then for sure they will keep it secret, safe and out of reach from population. They simply have the power to do so.  My 02 :)
What cracks my nut is this part: "Slides from a top-secret 2010 presentation published by The Guardian... " Well if it was that top secret IMHO it will not leak or let alone publish in The Guardian or whatever newspaper. Having said that, i don't want to discredit the validity of the article, because i know for sure that if a secret agency wants to get into your phone, house, car etc...with all their resources for sure they will succeed. So no worries! %uD83D%uDE03
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