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That means soon there will be 110% of teens with an iPhone! (I know why you can't add the two numbers up, but just humor me for today, ok?)
Bay City AND Saginaw! Now essentially the entire known world is covered!
      1. Be careful -- I believe the NRA's position is that we need to arm every black teenager in America to help them defend themselves against gun violence.   2. Nothing more satisfying than getting involved in crime watching. More exciting than bird watching any day of the week.
Good for Apple for paying for iconic design. Irresponsible? Paying a legitimate license fee for a design that is justly displayed in museums hardly seems irresponsible. One of the things that separates Apple from companies that make ugly products is that Apple cares about beauty and design, as well as beautiful design. Samsung and other race-to-the-bottom-with-cheap-crap companies would certainly have never have considered doing this. And that's what makes Apple special.
I'm afraid not enough people have mentioned that....     APPLE IS   D-O-O-M!     There. Someone had to say it for the third time.
I think the most unfair thing about this is that reality has a well-known Apple bias. 
Shouldn't that be Park Hyoung Shin? 
Kanye: "Oooh, I think I'd fancy a pony."
APPLE IS DOOM!   Just went to Best Buy and not a single Zune in sight! They are flying off the shelves!
APPLE IS DOOM!   This is a thing of beauty.   I want to sleep with it by my side.   I want to feed it ice cream, especially the big heavy cover.
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