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I have two macs (desktop & portable), so this is an issue that is always on my mind, and like you I have tried many approaches to file syncing and am not completely satisfied with any of them. The one that I've been settling on for some time now is ChronoSync, which lets you keep any number of folders synced between two macs. I've created a number of sync jobs for all my stuff and they all run on a schedule every 15 minutes (I don't want to have to think about which...
LOL! I read this entire thread before I got to your message at the end and then looked at the dates. Funny thing is, I got a lot of interesting ideas from it... but I'm sticking with Keychain myself!
Is this a QuickTime-only bug? It has happened to me too (frequently), but I can't remember if it was while using QuickTime or VLC...will have to pay more attention.
I would welcome a similar feature in OS X. I spend what seems like a lot of time resizing two or more windows that I'm working on so that they're big enough for me to be able to work efficiently with them yet small enough and shaped such that they're not covering one another up. Maybe a better way to activate it than dragging any window to the edge of the screen though... as one poster pointed out you may not want a window to auto-resize on you when you drag it out of...
Okay, that all makes sense to me. Thanks for the replies!
I just today noticed that when I go to the MobileMe applet in System Preferences, it says at the top, "MobileMe stores your email, contacts, calendar, photos and files in an online 'cloud'..." (emphasis mine). I wasn't aware that my photos and files were stored online... is this a relic from what may have been previously intended for MobileMe and subsequently scrapped or put on hold, or are my photos and files really being stored in a cloud somewhere?
Not only does it allow you to plug peripherals permanently into the monitor, it also allows you to put the notebook farther away from those peripherals because it no longer needs to be in close proximity to them. USB ports on the monitor allow you to move the notebook off the desk entirely, freeing up desk space and reducing clutter even more. This is something I do right now with my current Cinema Display. Also to those doing the price/feature comparison don't forget...
Have you already considered and rejected TIme Machine?
Hi everyone, I just got my first iPhone (3G) and have been taking pictures on it and importing them into iPhoto. I see that iPhoto is importing the GPS data from the picture so that it knows the latitude and longitude of the location where the picture was taken. My question is whether there's any way in iPhoto to pull up a map of where the picture was taken, e.g., in Google Maps? So far I haven't been able to find anything...
I think that's a fairly normal amount of time. My black Macbook usually took about that long to go to sleep after I closed the lid and the Macbook Pro that I have now is the same. I think they do some stuff before they go to sleep, like maybe save the RAM state to a temp file on the hard disk in case the battery runs out while it's asleep? That's just my own personal guess as to what's going on; I'm sure someone else can confirm or deny that!
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