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No problem. Good luck with your iPhone!
The Touch has a nice calendar but I find its reminders frequently don't get my attention (it makes a beeping sound once and then leaves something on your screen until you acknowledge it). The problem is if you aren't around it when it beeps you may miss your event. It also doesn't have any To-Do list capabilities as far as I can tell. For everything else PDA-like I think it's great (i.e., contacts, Notepad, even Mail if you have a wireless connection).
Okay fair enough, I hadn't considered that. On the other hand, FolderShare doesn't require you to mount volumes to do a sync, and mounting a volume to a device over the internet isn't always easy. E.g., if I wanted to do that for my computer at work, I'd need to establish a VPN connection first. And I don't know of a way to do it all for my computer at school or at my mom's house. But with FolderShare, no mounting required and in fact I keep folders sync'd on computers...
You may also want to consider FolderShare It has the benefit that it will also sync files over the internet if your PCs are in different locations.
I love Google Desktop on a PC so I was sometimes tempted by it when I had Tiger. Spotlight was sometimes frustratingly slow for me in Tiger, but since switching to Leopard Spotlight it's very fast, so I don't see any benefit to Google Desktop for a Leopard system. Just another system indexing tool using up resources to provide the same service only slightly differently. But if you're curious why not try it... I don't think it hurts anything and you can always get rid...
Yes I think you're right. Also, people who just need as much speed as possible and for whom the extra money isn't an issue might be willing to pay that difference even for such a modest performance increase.
If all other things are equal (and they seem to be), then it seems unlikely to me that more than a few people would be able to notice the 0.1 GHz difference in processor speed between the 2.5 GHz and 2.6 GHz options. That's an increase of only 4%, and processor speed bumps seldom equate one to one with actual application speed increases due to other factors like the video and hard drive, so it probably wouldn't even be a 4% increase in overall performance. And for that...
With the graphics update, minimize to dock seems smoother on my 24" iMac. It was smooth with Tiger, then seemed choppy starting with Leopard, but is now smooth again.
Thanks, I'll give this a try!
Regarding the new apps for sale for the iPod Touch: the Mail app syncs with your IMAP-based e-mail, and the Calendar app that we already had syncs with iCal. I'm wondering if the new Notes app syncs with anything on my Mac? It doesn't seem to sync with either Stickies or the Notes widget, but maybe it would with notes in Leopard Mail? I'm not using Leopard so I'd be interested to know.
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