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My guess is it's luck of the draw. Many people have no freezing issues at all with their iMacs. Mine freezes occasionally, but so far only when I'm playing Age of Empires III. I don't think it's necessary due to a heavy load though because often it freezes within seconds of starting up the program (before I've even started a game). Others however get freeze-ups with hardly anything running and much more often... My *sense* is that it happens more often when I'm using...
"Nearly 8 iMacs"... would that be 7?
I said it was a clean install (first sentence). Surely nobody could misconstrue what I wrote as a "rant", let alone "foaming at the mouth." I simply wrote that I agreed with many of the good things others had said about Leopard, then went on to list several problems that are preventing me from using Leopard for now. I won't say that I'm immune from ranting, but that sure wasn't one. Others who are contemplating upgrading and have a similar configuration to mine may...
I did a clean install on my iMac and my MacBook. I agreed with most of the good things people are saying about Leopard (e.g., super-fast Spotlight, better networking, QuickLook). Some problems though that made me downgrade back to Tiger (at least for now), i.e.: 1. FolderShare was not syncing between my iMac and my MacBook—either new files added or existing ones edited—at least sometimes, e.g., yesterday, even when both were online and even after several hours had...
I'm not sure that I understand your question... I've been using Macs for a few years now but I only just started trying out Leopard. I don't post much to forums though, although that seems to gradually be changing.
Don't they all just download it for free anyway from bittorrent?
i'm pretty sure it does still have rosetta, but I haven't actually tried office 2004 on it. i'd be very surprised if it didn't work... i'm sure someone who's tried it in leopard will answer you soon though.
I'm using it and it does seem faster than Tiger, especially booting, dashboard, and spotlight... all three noticeably faster to me. Actually those are the only things where I notice a speed difference, and I haven't noticed anything being slower in Leopard.
With Leopard coming out soon and its "Time Machine" backup feature, which will automatically back up your hard drive to an external drive (if you want it to), you might want to consider using that external as your backup drive rather than as overflow space to store primary data. In which case you may want to pony up for the extra hard drive space. From what I've read and seen, the 2.8 GHz model doesn't provide speed advantages that most people would notice. Myself, I...
Mine freezes occasionally (one or two times a week), but I use it day and night and I also have Leopard on it now, so that might be a part of it. Anyway, in spite of that, I love it. It's very fast and beautiful looking and I love the new keyboards. I'm fairly confident that Apple will issue some kind of fix for this eventually so it actually doesn't really bug me much.
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