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I hope so... part of me still thinks that might be the case although another (bigger) part thinks they've been so diverted by the iPhone that what we see with Leopard now is what we'll get. Not that that's so bad... I think OS X is so polished already that I'm not looking to necessarily be gob-smacked by the next version, although the gizmo-happy part of me always wants something new... I prefer Vista to XP and I do like its transparencies and the way windows fade in and...
Don't know if this will matter to you or not, but after much debate (somewhere on this forum, I think), the consensus seems to be that you can't edit appointments in iCal on the iPod touch... only view them. This kind of destroys my whim of getting the Touch instead of the iPhone.
Man, that sounds seriously buggered. Sorry but I've never seen that before... have you tried deleting Firefox & reinstalling?
Thank you both. That does a lot to alleviate my concerns.
Greetings everybody, Does anyone with experience with this game and/or a little knowledge of current video cards know if the new 24" iMac will be able to decently play AOE3? I play it on my friend's Dell right now, which has a Radeon X800. I can play with all the graphics turned up to maximum and there's only a slight, occasional lag. On my MacBook I can't even play with all the graphics turned all the way down without unbearable lag. I just don't know how the...
Thanks for the tip Mr. H. I'll have to check that out.
I'm in the exact same situation as you and I too plan to get a 24" iMac when the new ones come out. It can be a hassle syncing two computers, but I'm so fed up with the wire clutter of my MB hooked up to the external monitor and all the peripherals, plus the graphics on the MB won't run Age of Empires 3 well enough for me. Also, disconnecting everything just to move to another room and having to hook it all up again is a big pain. I'm looking forward to returning to a...
The transparent menu bar seems to me like an attempt to introduce transparency into Leopard because Vista has a translucent toolbar in Aero. However, the Vista translucent toolbar is more attractive to me and the translucency doesn't reduce the usability of the toolbar. Leopard's transparent menu bar however looks like a cheapish hack to me and makes the menu harder to read. I like some of the other new features in Leopard (e.g., I'm very happy with the unified window...
10.4.11 is impossible. The next update would have to be
Actually, yeah, that's what I do too... I could never be bothered with a separate app for that.
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