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 All Apple iPhones offered CURRENTLY are ApplePay-enabled, according to the keynote.
This is as spectacularly stupid a thing as anybody's said yet (in this thread), but here's a hint:MAYBE an iPhone 6 WON'T FIT in a 5/5s frame, just like your mom CAN'T be a horse...CERTAINLY you don't know what you're talking about. Like Lincoln said about opening our mouth & removing all doubt:
I've dropped my 4 so many times I no longer wince, I cuss...and pick up my phone, and go on. The glass is unmarred after FOUR YEARS of uncountable drops - mostly in parking lots.   I can hardly see how the 6/6+ could possibly be MORE breakable / LESS durable than the 4: it's lighter, and made of higher-tech materials, and mostly NOT glass!   I'm planning to wrap mine in Skinomi;  I was thinking of also giving it a bumper, but REALLY - It really should be too much of...
When we look back on the 6 transition, I expect the big clusterf@ck (or maybe just the cherry on top) will turn out to be the sheer bafflement induced by their pooch-screwing product-allotment seance.
I guess some people just don't understand what "performance" means...and FTR, I never said I'm HAPPY with the performance of my 4....
Hardly!  My 4 is actually doing better at the end of its fourth year than my wife's 4S is at the end of its third...THAT's not "future-proof"!
You're not the only one here, it's not your shop, and my, what a grown-up response!
Exactly, KoSH:  THAT's the thing that's so unlike them:  they get ONE STORY, and they stick with it thru thick and thin.  I remember when the 4 came out, we were all carefully told what the deal was, in-store:  some every day, no idea how many or what (all true, btw), no reservations, if there are people in line we sell to them first.  No improve, no prose, here's the deal.  This year, NOTHING.  No, I no longer work there, but there simply is. no. story available as to how...
I'm quite sure there are in fact many stupid people with iPhones, and I'm equally sure that's a major factor....
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