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[quote]Originally posted by Aphelion: Don't misunderstand me Capt. Obvious, I'm pleased in a 20% gain on the year for my AAPL investment, as we should all be as Mac fans, Having said that, from MY perspective APPL could have had the same or similar jump that SGI has had, plus the benefits of increased marketshare if they had embraced MP at about the time they "iced" the Cube. My point being that MP's have had the power to win the MHz Wars for some...
[quote]Originally posted by Aphelion: I've quadrupled my money there (SGI) as of now, but my AAPL has suffered (only up 20% on the year) because of Apple's lack of aggression in this area.
Err/umm....try looking more closely. AAPL has been a pretty darned aggressive performer in the last year or so (especially so FYTD'02). Exhibit A: your own assertion of 20% upside. Exhibit B: iPod Exhibit C: iMac 20% upward movement on a stock...
Thanks for the info!
266mHz PBG3, 10.1.2, 384mb RAM 158mflops in 90.2 sec. after I quit all apps; 146mflops in 97.7 sec. after turned off Altivec code; 145mflops in 98.0 sec. before twiddling anything
[quote]Originally posted by sizzle chest: You could start out by buying Keyboard magazine, and/or Electronic Musician magazine. You'll pick up a lot of useful info that way, especially since it sounds like you don't have a few specific questions, but are actually starting almost from scratch. The main thing is that you should not let obsession with gear take precedence over a willingless to play and experiment with the gear you have.
[quote]Originally posted by discstickers: Originally posted by RazzFazz: Pretty unlikely. After all, Motorola is a business, and as such, their primary concern is more likely to be making money rather than sacrificing profits just in order to exact some sort of personal revenge for long-bygone deeds. You'd hope.
That's one reason why corps have boards of directors: to prevent childish personal motives from ruining the enterprise.
I'd like to echo confirmed's thanks to everybody participating in this thread, as well as his request for more music/audio info. Especially forums like this. I've been into music all my life, and w/ my planned upgrade (~MWNY - gHz+ iMac / PMG5 ), I'm look to get involved w/ making music on my Mac, too. Unfortunately, other than a MiniMoog, I've used no electronic music equipment, and I don't know anyone who's interested in music-making, so I have no personal...
[quote]Originally posted by Eugene: btw...IT SHIPPED.
Uhh, Eugene? You are gonna, like, sound off once it arrives, & give us all the gory details, right???
[quote]Originally posted by Big Mac: Many individuals are hoping for a G5 surprise at MWT or MWNY. I just don't see it happening. I still believe we will receive an Apollo Power Mac bump at MWNY, hopefully bringing us to 1.3GHz. I don’t have confidence in a G5 introduction pre-MWSF; hopefully the extra time Apple has will allow for greater MHz attainment. I don't know about anyone else, but a G5 that tops out at 1.6GHz is not a panacea, since by MWNY Intel maybe...
[quote]Originally posted by g::masta: then fact that the Ghz barrier was broken without even a minor disturbance tells me that Apl are gonna pull a very big, hungry, nasty rabbit outta the hat soon.
<dundee> *chuckle* That's not a new PowerMac - THIS is a new PowerMac! </dundee> [quote]don't want to speculate when tho. my vote is June/July 02
Word. When is the biggest if of all. The more I...
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