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At what pressure does your Kindle Fire deform?
Oops - that was intended for Mr. "Apple needs a meditation..."
You're neither smart nor thoughtful:  please stop posting.   Thanks.
Sorry, I don't believe you:  I HAVE a 4-year-old iPhone 4, and it wouldn't hold a charge for three days if you turned it OFF
Re: storage, I think 32/64/128 is smart & 16/64/128 is idiotic.  Apple tends to be smart.   re:  sapphire glass:  skipping it would be idiotic.   Thing is, Apple really ought to take advantage of EVERY opportunity to steal a base from other manufacturers;  they have the supply, and the foundry, absorb the cost and make everyone else struggle uphill for parity.  LIKEWISE with storage:  Apple's flash costs are out of the bag, and Apple needs happy campers;  Apple...
Watching my wife wrestle with Android as she struggles to master her new GoogleSlab, I find it hard to be even theoretically interested in Android hardware. Despite all the anti-Apple, up-the-Android barking, screeching, cage-rattling & other sober opinion from the Android crowd, it is proving a serious annoyance for her, and that's with expert help (not me, friend @ Microsoft). She didn't start with big expectations: just an e-reader, and some FB. It has become an...
Not even REMOTELY a 5s.  Screen geometry's different.  Buttons are different, locations are different.  Edges are rounded.  No home button.  No slit/camera at the top.  No bezel.   Implications are enormous.  Posted larger image, capped from keynote.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome iPhone 6:
I find Dvorak somewhat inspirational, much like Rush Limbaugh, Rob Enderle, Paul Thurrot, et al: a third-rate intellect who somehow managed to indelibly affix himself to an income stream without resort to skill, fitness, or any other aptitude, and whose only principle is "get paid FIRST". The poster child for scrapped expectations...your idiocracy at work.... Thank you, as always, Daniel - your clarity and focus and sense of history are more than welcome!
New Posts  All Forums: