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There's the nub:  30-pin is dead, long live Lightning!  THIS is the new $99/free phone, no more 4s of any kind.   No iPhone 5SRV, either.  iPhone 6, now w/ LiquidMetal and the NEXT next-gen chipset, at the usual price-points (but maybe the base will move to 32/64/128gb, w/ 16gb in the 5c).
AGAIN with the "larger iPhone display" schtick?   Have you SEEN those larger-screen monstrosities? Only FASHION VICTIMS need apply!   Need a bigger screen?  Get an iPad.
I think differently on it:  WHY should a "completely new, less expensive model" have a screen at all?   I image a stereo BT headset with advanced voice control - and the ability to piggyback off the cellular chip in your iPad to make calls....   The next big battleground is going to be over carrier rates, you know - and this would be a shot OVER the bow & straight into the magazine.
'Cause Apple disabled / gave away all my Apple email addresses.   The ones I've been using, that is.  While I was using them.   I don't even particularly WANT a gmail address - just the only one left to me.
This in do way explains the loss of dot-mac-to-icloud conversion accounts. No explanation, no-one to contact, to help, just the loss of my original thirteen-year old PRIMARY iTools/.mac/.me email account - and no way to let anyone who has it know. Bad show. Bad form. Bad business
  No, and thank you for that careful, critical attempt at a summary...   If you listen just a little more closely, you might be able to tell that he's complaining about being deprived of services thru no technical requirement of hardware or software.   The bundle, in effect, has been shuffled: still the same services offered, but with a gatekeeper interposed.  Kinda like the way that Microsoft first created FUD (nothing's wrong, but if you find NotOurDOS installed, stop...
People don't appreciate the appeal of the iPad until they've shown it to a non-tech-savvy elder. I spent 20 minutes showing off the 1st-gen to an 80-year-old great-grandfather whose grand-kids were desperate to get him finally online. Anyway, he was completely entranced: he IMMEDIATELY got the comparison of the touch interface to finger-painting, was quickly playing around with confidence, and left hugging his new prize, his family beaming around him. He is now...
\ Too bad...I have a bunch of camera apps. Still, I have a folder full of 'em as one of my 'constant 4', so not as bad as all that
I *do* have a question about the quick-access camera: is this assignable, or exclusively the province of Apple's Camera app? It won't keep me from the upgrade, but I'm just wondering as I wait for it to download....
The stores simply don't have the space or the manpower to create BTO assemblies, much less stock the range of extra parts needed to do so. If they are planning on adding this capability to their retail stores, it will cost them A BUNCH in physical plant modification, back-of-house systems, and payroll. AT EACH STORE. Since BTO configs would not be available 'while-u-wait', free overnight shipping becomes negligible for APPLE and eliminates the 'convenience' of local BTO...
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