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@poke: re: the 'Big NC' - I suspect along similar lines...my personal take is that Apple is setting up a distributive cloud-universe, in which users can *directly* share or not share as much and as little as they like. In support, I offer MobileMe itself, which I've come to think of as a "cloud starter kit"...'cause it is that; also, I submit efforts such as Ping, Photo Gallery, and Facetime, which are clearly cloud-leveraged and user-centric; and of course, iPhone...
Spoken like one who hasn't tried it.
Yep - check your account settings!
Well-said! 'Course, iDisk is likely as close to an enterprise-strength solution as Apple will get, but they don't *want* to drive developers out of the field by capturing high-end solutions the way other companies have. Still, it's important to remember that MobileMe is at its best when dealing with multiple users w/ multiple devices. The control I have over calendars (syncing / propagation / subscription) is worth the annual cost all by itself. Add to that the...
I think it makes no sense to "make MobileMe FREE!!!" It is one of several sets of services Apple makes available for their user community, and the simple fact is that people don't value free stuff. They may want it, but they don't actually dig into it for the purpose of getting the most out of it. By charging a totally-minimal fee, they want to get people to value the services and *want* to use them. Same logic applies to AppleCare and One-To-One: high-end services...
Sorry, not even close to true. The worst service I ever had was Verizon, and they didn't care at all why. A five-year-long endless bloody stream of expensive insults, that.
Okay, my first poll ever anywhere! Let's have a bit of actual information, shall we? 1. I have iPhone 4 and I drop calls when my skin touches the antenna gap 2. I have iPhone 4 and I DO NOT drop calls when my skin touches the antenna gap 3. I have another iPhone I'm happy with, and this is boring 4. I have some other phone & am enjoying the fireworks 5. I don't care about any of this! I just HATE Apple!
The basic misrepresentation (not just from chronster) that flows through all these harangues (here and elsewhere) is that ALL iPHONES 4 DON'T WORK AS PHONES. Not true - provably not true - yet the drumbeat goes on. *SOME* iP4s have reception issues/signal-drop/whatever when their gap is fingered. *SOME* of them don't have this problem AT ALL. Mine, for example. NO drops. At all. Anywhere. Bars or no bars. Before and after 4.0.1. No matter how I hold the bare...
Today, it says "shipped"...tracking number & everything. Arrives tomorrow.
TWELVE plaintiffs??? That's all they've got? Ambulance-chasers, indeed! I'd say, for that class-action status to be granted, they'd need (for example) 1% of purchasors (speculating: not really 'my' point of law) to join the action...which means they need to recruit at least another 14,988 of Mama's precious darlings before this gets to be more than a very public hissy-fit.
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