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Fortunately, your satisfaction is no-one's benchmark.
Symbian has features? This is about SYMBIAN??? Seriously, if that's your level of discourse, you'll be taken as a troll. for sure. Best to keep quiet.
THIS, FTW People talk about Android as if it was a coherent thing in a meaningful sense, when the fact that shipping phones use different versions proves it's nonsense. Different - yet not so different - from the "Apple monopoly / Windows gives you choice" floorwash.
~90% of the models in production? Sure. ~90% of the total handsets in use? Not a chance (as things stand)!
I'm expecting immediate availability.
Yes, if you are stupid it *will* cost you.
This would be interesting if Bing were more useful and less annoying; as it is, it's too much three-stooges....
Your efforts are appreciated, but - sadly - misplaced. None of the posters that have presented this stance have ever listened to any other point of view (on the subject). Those that can't see the virtue of real improvement should be left to sleep it off. (IMO)
Didn't read it in the IP, didn't *have* it to read in the reply box. That said: you're bitching about my not disagreeing with you?
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