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~90% of the models in production? Sure. ~90% of the total handsets in use? Not a chance (as things stand)!
I'm expecting immediate availability.
Yes, if you are stupid it *will* cost you.
This would be interesting if Bing were more useful and less annoying; as it is, it's too much three-stooges....
Your efforts are appreciated, but - sadly - misplaced. None of the posters that have presented this stance have ever listened to any other point of view (on the subject). Those that can't see the virtue of real improvement should be left to sleep it off. (IMO)
Didn't read it in the IP, didn't *have* it to read in the reply box. That said: you're bitching about my not disagreeing with you?
I hope whoever you wrote this for gets it - however, you don't actually seem to be referencing MY post, so I'll skip a detailed response to yours.
IIRC he said they weren't focusing on features but on internals (though I felt at the time that much of what he was describing - Grand Central, OpenCL, Quicktime X - qualified as features)
Regarding SL speed on old(er) MBPs, if there's not a significant shift in disc footprint AND in CPU-intensive apps AND in task-switching responsiveness, I may begin to wonder what the fuss was about - I expect encoding/compressing/converting of all sorts to be noticeably improved by the GPU-enablieng code, I expect a functional increase in discspace (*at least* on my boot/internal) - and I expect they'll take a lot of flack if they fail to deliver on these points.
New Posts  All Forums: