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TWELVE plaintiffs??? That's all they've got? Ambulance-chasers, indeed! I'd say, for that class-action status to be granted, they'd need (for example) 1% of purchasors (speculating: not really 'my' point of law) to join the action...which means they need to recruit at least another 14,988 of Mama's precious darlings before this gets to be more than a very public hissy-fit.
I heard 3gs were selling hot right now. Ordered my first iPhone @ the ATT store last Friday...and as of today, it no longer says 'backordered'....
The advent of the iPhone changes the equation entirely: my SO switched from Palm on Verizon to iPhone in Feb when her iPod got wonky. She realized that she could replace her iPod w/ an new one - w/ 2x storage - and get the phone part for free.... I don't predict the end of the non-touch/non-phone iPod quite yet, though: shuffles and nanos and classics are still more compelling for some than the "new iPod + free fone", and this will remain so (though tailing off) for...
A4 chip supports UP TO 32gb. I was disappointed, too - but not much to do about it.
Fortunately, your satisfaction is no-one's benchmark.
Symbian has features? This is about SYMBIAN??? Seriously, if that's your level of discourse, you'll be taken as a troll. for sure. Best to keep quiet.
THIS, FTW People talk about Android as if it was a coherent thing in a meaningful sense, when the fact that shipping phones use different versions proves it's nonsense. Different - yet not so different - from the "Apple monopoly / Windows gives you choice" floorwash.
~90% of the models in production? Sure. ~90% of the total handsets in use? Not a chance (as things stand)!
I'm expecting immediate availability.
Yes, if you are stupid it *will* cost you.
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