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BRAVO! Smartest post in this thread (which sorely needed it!)... Welcome to the club!
I'm looking forward to joining the line down @ the Apple Store the night it's released - maybe they'll have one of their "surprise" sales that night (like they did w/ Jaguar) & I'll pick up a Mac mini & the Logic 7 upgrade, too.
of course...I do have a reputation to maintain, after all! ;-)
At this rate, Tiger may be available the day of the WWDC keynote.
Wonder if they'll address the freeze-on-sleep-and-at-least-one-other-condition condition that's been plaguing my MDD since about 3.4 (and all the "unexpected quitting" while doing nothing in particular (getting to where I can't depend on Safari to actually load a page & keep it long enough to read it.) ). Or will they leave that to Tiger?
And soon thereafter, certified. Remember to curb your compulsion to pick up the soap!
GarageBand has been expected since around the time iMovie came out. Apple bought eMagic, and GarageBand (an iMovie-equivalent for audio by whatever name) moved from 'expected' to 'inevitable'. It was only a matter of time.
Well, he *did* say they basically moved Soundtrack into GarageBand. What I want to know is, when you peel away the karaoke, band-in-a-box stuff, what are we talking about here? Software capabilities? Tech specs?
Thanks, Programmer! You say it much more clearly than I (in another thread). We need to look beyond the simplistic images of DVR vs computer/TV amalgamation: the computer needs I/O access to the audio & video equipment - AND it needs fair-use access to a/v content. Of course the copyright conglomerates object to fair-use considerations; the question is, ultimately, political: do the rights and prerogatives of citizens outweigh the agendas of corporations? In the short...
Interesting take on things. 'The computer is the hub' means that the computer is both central and dominant; it does NOT mean that the hub is a special kind of computer. Actually, I was describing the PMG4 sitting next to me, hooked up to a computer-controlled switching A/V interconnect box w/ capture & encode/decode capabilities & limited storage. Point being, w/ one of these boxes and a Mac, you can pump iTunes out to the living-room stereo or use QT to pipe video...
New Posts  All Forums: