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seems like there's too much concern over the 'external hard drive' aspect of Time Machine: in case no one's noticed, external hds w/ capacities >160gb are less than 100USD. that's pretty cheap insurance - hell, 10 years ago, a CD burner cost close to 1000USD. JeffDM, you make excellent points!
Jobs came in with NeXT *BECAUSE* Copland was already an unwieldy / unworkable resource drain...and already being hauled out to the dumpster. The moral of the story? Vista could be Redmond's Copland in the same way that Afghanistan was the Soviet Union's Viet Nam: by the time they get it sorted out, the game will already be over. The good news, OTOH, is that one random forum poster seeing it or not isn't a factor.
Mine is in the rev. E range - had it for a week now. - It has good fit between the top & base, - there is no whine of any kind (other than the one I hear all the time now); - compared to my MDD PM, it's silent enough, and at least as fast; - (have been unable to really put it thrugh its paces yet); - Airport connectivity issue was solved by the 4.6 update last night; - the space between the F-keys & the screen gets hot - snatch-your-hand-away hot, so that prob is...
Duluth, GA (outside Atlanta)
BRAVO! Smartest post in this thread (which sorely needed it!)... Welcome to the club!
I'm looking forward to joining the line down @ the Apple Store the night it's released - maybe they'll have one of their "surprise" sales that night (like they did w/ Jaguar) & I'll pick up a Mac mini & the Logic 7 upgrade, too.
of course...I do have a reputation to maintain, after all! ;-)
At this rate, Tiger may be available the day of the WWDC keynote.
Wonder if they'll address the freeze-on-sleep-and-at-least-one-other-condition condition that's been plaguing my MDD since about 3.4 (and all the "unexpected quitting" while doing nothing in particular (getting to where I can't depend on Safari to actually load a page & keep it long enough to read it.) ). Or will they leave that to Tiger?
And soon thereafter, certified. Remember to curb your compulsion to pick up the soap!
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