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I think this is the really important bit: the weaker their case for Apple as a competitor, the less likely that the court will offer IBM any relief - in which case, Papermaster could well work for Apple until a judgment is rendered in court...years from now.
Not if there's no injunction.
Solid post - strong points, well made: good thinking.
BO-O-O-O-GUS! Not saying it's not *some* kind of prototype: but that is NOT the '2 halves of a 15-in. MBP'. I know you guys love it when I do this....
You're one of those guys who sue hard-disk manufacturers for cheating you out of your imaginary due, aren't you?
Nonsense: that's not how this works. He answered the way he did deliberately. This is how he builds the buzz...just as he did with the iPhone. It may be a year, maybe three, but it's all over but the speculating (and releasing, and bitching...). Gentlebeings, start your engines!!!
These guys have a beef w/ Viacom/BET - but as far as the Apple "involvement", they might as well sue Sony for making TVs the public watched it on....
Interesting that there's *no* word at all about their home-site streaming "solution" in context of this news. In fact, there hasn't been a squeak abot their Amazon sales, either. And now, SanDisk. Either they are desperate, or they are fools. The fact that discounts are being offered is not a good sign for NBC: it means they know they can't compete against iTunes on the strength of their product or their service, so they must offer enticements to hold their own. ...
I think the multiple meanings of "backup" are mixing us up: backing up files to a storage disk, from which they can be retrieved, is one sort of backup; maintaining a current bootable partition on a different drive from your main boot disk is another kind. neither replaces the other; they are complementary, and each is important. As to whether one can restore a bootable partition from Time Machine, I suspect it does not, for the reason that it would involve "crossing...
Given that 500GB drives can be had now for under $100, get a 500GB & never think about it again (for a few years anyway - storage gets consumed, it's the nature of the thing)
New Posts  All Forums: