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Read the article again: Apple has worked very hard to make sure that their automatic update procedure secure, both in the sense that it is private, and in the sense that it works dependably. I can see them offering patent-license to the W3C for a lot of things - but I can't see them giving away trusted access to the heart of their system. Secure software distribution is arguably more important to Apple than widget updates are to the W3C and I can understand them not...
I'm not assuming there won't be, just acknowledging the necessity of one to skunk the works. To gain an injunction, a preliminary claim of harm must be filed & ruled on: this will certainly involve an exchange of views between IBM & Apple before the bench. There is, as you say, always the chance, but Apple's legal team is good, and IBM would have to make a sound case that Apple couldn't impugn. Therefore, there might, in fact, be no injunction.
I think this is the really important bit: the weaker their case for Apple as a competitor, the less likely that the court will offer IBM any relief - in which case, Papermaster could well work for Apple until a judgment is rendered in court...years from now.
Not if there's no injunction.
Solid post - strong points, well made: good thinking.
BO-O-O-O-GUS! Not saying it's not *some* kind of prototype: but that is NOT the '2 halves of a 15-in. MBP'. I know you guys love it when I do this....
You're one of those guys who sue hard-disk manufacturers for cheating you out of your imaginary due, aren't you?
Nonsense: that's not how this works. He answered the way he did deliberately. This is how he builds the buzz...just as he did with the iPhone. It may be a year, maybe three, but it's all over but the speculating (and releasing, and bitching...). Gentlebeings, start your engines!!!
These guys have a beef w/ Viacom/BET - but as far as the Apple "involvement", they might as well sue Sony for making TVs the public watched it on....
Interesting that there's *no* word at all about their home-site streaming "solution" in context of this news. In fact, there hasn't been a squeak abot their Amazon sales, either. And now, SanDisk. Either they are desperate, or they are fools. The fact that discounts are being offered is not a good sign for NBC: it means they know they can't compete against iTunes on the strength of their product or their service, so they must offer enticements to hold their own. ...
New Posts  All Forums: