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Sorry for the slight repetition, but I think the second paragraph is important. I have been corresponding with Walter on several sites for the last couple of years. Moving to Adobe Premiere Pro group on Facebook and several forums on Creative Cow. His research has been very valuable in this time of transition in the video world.
Also from Biscardi's blog 12/10/2012 :    "We’ve had at least one iMac in production for over 6 months now and they are fast machines.   The only place you’ll notice them to be a bit slower than the absolute fastest machine is when you go to render.   Depending on what you’re rendering out, it might take a bit or a lot longer than a 12 – 16 core machine.   So we’re keeping our two 12 core Mac Pros and simply using those to do heavy lifting renders.  When a project is...
Maybe we can get HP and Apple to collaborate on OSX on an HP built computer. (Tongue firmly in cheek) Workstations are one of the few areas in which HP continues to be profitable. Quality machines, too bad they run Windows. Also doing OK with printer ink. I still can't quite understand why a company with over 100 billion in cash can't do a decent revision of the Mac Pro or it's successor more often than they have. At their price point they would be profitable, not a...
Feature films were and still are edited on Macs, mostly Avid, but they have platform equality on Windows. If things don't change the Mac won't be the a factor. Creators are abandoning the Mac, very reluctantly, for Windows workstations. I never will. Many of us are holding our breath.  High end audio production is another leader. If you don't understand that artists lead the culture, you need to go back to school.
Spoken like a bean counter.
Thanks for an intelligent post. Some of us do deal with terabytes. Those with greatest need for a powerful platform set the pace for the culture. When Apple gives up that position, they are on their way down. Kleenex. Done with this.
Some of us need Xeons and high end graphic options. As long as we are embedding links, take a look at a "pro" (aren't we all, really?) whose main concern is photography. Video has even higher requirements. http://macperformanceguide.com/index_topics.html#AppleCoreRot  Not to say that I am this negative, but I think he has a point. 
Nice graph. Once every four years is hardly constant demand. Yes we need some stability, but not ossification. What I am saying can be said in many fewer words than you used. We need a current technology workstation class Mac. It used to be important to the brand. Constant revamping of the OS combined with Apple's penchant for secrecy makes it difficult for developers of both hardware and software to hit a moving target. this stuff is not cheap. Of course Apple is in it...
Pathetic response to many of the most loyal Apple customers.
Correction, there is space for two drives in the 2012 27" iMac, at least Fusion, which doesn't interest me for video. Changing anything in that department seems to require major (non-user) surgery to the display panel.
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