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Pathetic response to many of the most loyal Apple customers.
Correction, there is space for two drives in the 2012 27" iMac, at least Fusion, which doesn't interest me for video. Changing anything in that department seems to require major (non-user) surgery to the display panel.
@JeffDM, quote: You say you're not trolling, but you say a new OS every six months? Because trolls tend to fudge the numbers. The real number is a year.   I was the exclusive Avid (video editing) dealer in Hawaii for many years. Installed around 150 Mac systems.  Always worked. No troll here. Even once a year is too often unless they are just bug fixes. Even point updates, which can come many times in that period, can break things, both hardware and software. The new...
BTW, how many internal boot drives can you put in an iMac, not partitioned? I know keyboard shortcuts and need no instruction. An iMac is not a substitute for a Mac Pro. Yes, I know, "Something really great is coming". Some of us have to budget in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars , and that is not too much to go on. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Business Plan"? BTW, I will never go to Windows, thus my ardor. No trolling here. And a new version of...
I stand by my statements despite your derision. Check Mac Performance Guide. We are both talking performance, not promises.
All I can say is that I am getting tired of constant OSX updates that are less and less functional and are only designed to increase profit, less attention to Pro Apps, and the neglected Mac Pro. I am really glad I bought into the 2010, 5,1 Mac Pro as it has not changed substantially since. Snow Leopard 10.6.8 will remain my go to OS as it is stable and sane in its operation. I have Mountain Lion on one internal boot drive for those companies like Adobe that only really...
Well, it can certainly be enough to require a refresh more often than every three and a half years! Imagine if Apple refreshed every product that infrequently. The professional market is very competitive. The 2012 Mac Pro "refresh" was not one at all. I bought my 5,1 Mac Pro in mid 2010. A new one is not expected until late 2013, if then. The technology is ancient in computer advancement years. 
Also should add to the Mac Pro list multiple HDs/SSDs. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the Mac Pro. Multiple boot drives, application environments, internal RAID.
  Totally agree. Best design of a tower ever. Still looks modern. I 'd be happy with the same design and up to date CPU, graphics, fast bus, and USB3 and Thunderbolt. And expansion slots.
  I am not expecting a $499 price point for a Mac Pro. My last one a 2010 5,1 cost well over $4000, before graphics upgrades and more RAM,  and I would pay that again for the next version. You sir, have no comprehension of the professional market and the money that is spent there. I just hope Apple honors their promise of "something great" , intimating a new Mac Pro, later this year. They are going to lose the the Pro, Science, and high end market to Windows, and I dread...
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