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Really don't care if I can slice cheese with my monitor/iMac. Give me back a powerful Mac Pro! If you can't build it, they won't come...
Waiting for a new Mac Pro myself with high powered GPU. Anorexic and unupgradeable is not for me. A heat gun to get inside? Give me a break. Is this the new direction at Apple. (User since the Apple II).
@ MarvinĀ  If not in a desktop, where are you going to put the latest power hungry, heat producing NVidia GPUs, Xeon level processors, multiple hard drives, SDI HD up to 4k video i/o cards, etc. And don't say it will all be on Thunderbolt. I don't want 5 or 6 separate boxes on my desktop, on a Thunderbolt connect that can't match the internal bandwidth of existing workstations of other brands. I like it mostly in one box if not all. When you say that less of the computing...
Video Pros certainly can tell the difference between 720 and 1080. There are a lot of us on Macs, at least as long as they keep making Mac Pros. A lot of consumers can tell as well. They have to get to 1080 to be competitive, eventually.
I completely agree. If Apple drops the MacPro, developers and highe end users will desert the platform, as will I. I will run my MacPro 2010 until it dies. The users of this machine are more important than the margins.
I have switched. I'm using Premiere Pro for its native file capabilities (it will play almost anything) exporting to Media 100 Suite 2.1 as ProRes HQ for final edit. A program with a real multi-track timeline, complete XML, multi-cam, interoperability with other programs, RED RAW support, and STABILITY, etc, etc, I only use FCP to do bump records for masters from MacPro AJA LHi to my AJA ioHD because it is ProRes native and only works with FCP 7. FCPX is useless to me and...
For a company with 75 billion in cash...easy. Just give us pros some hope. FCP X is not it! It would not be the Easy path... Eliminating pro features was the easy path, and that is what they have done.
A great deal of that computationally intensive processing takes place on the internal PCIe cards, such as NVidia Cuda graphics cards for Adobe, etc, etc.. Video I/O is on these cards. Where are there 16x Thunderbolt expansion options? The cruel fact is that most of that work will move to PC's. Heaven forbid! It will just be easier than Thunderbolt kludges connected to underpowered laptops and consumer level desktops. There is a halo effect from the high end creative work...
Apple could sell the Pro at a loss and not even feel it. There are many of us who would pay what is necessary to ensure they don't have to. It is essential to our businesses.
No PCI slots? Are you nuts? Why do you think we need these computers in the first place? Higher frame rates on games?
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