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I feel like I am at Disney World.  It is a Figment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  not a Surface
Maybe MS should have included a stylus and a CTRL/ALT/DEL key to go along with the keyboard
As SJ said.  The hard keyboard is a thing of the past and no longer needed.
I didn't see hi mention that it Apple needed to include CTRL/ALT?DEL in their next IOS 6.0
Sort of like the Zune
When you cross the Rubicon and diss your hardware patterns you better know what you are doing.   Hard to go back.   P&G decided to directly ship Crush Soda directly to supermarkets and cut their distributers out of the deal.  After market share dropped they had to go back, hat in hand, and beg them to distribute their product again.  The product was dead shortly after.
I was at a One to One workshop the other day and ended up talking with the instructor.  He said he has been with Apple for over 5 years and loves it.  He also talked freely about the opportunity he had to purchase Apple stock at a 10 to 15% discount, which he has been doing, and also the great health care plan and 401K plan that Apple offered to employees.  Sounds like the total compensation package is pretty good.  Particularly for retail folks.   As far as...
The initial models will have a CTRL/ALT/DEL key and a stylus as well.
MS is actually opening a retail store pin a mall in Cincinnati.  I uses they are making a big bet.  Apple's store in the same mall has been opened for over 5 years and is doubling its size.  
It will live or die based on the App developers acceptance
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