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Agree that it wasn't their servers or something on their side. iTunes finished up the process last night and I have over 22,000 available across all of my devices. It works great. My guess is The Dead stuff took a lot of processing. More "new" Dead stuff available on Dead.Net and it seems to work fine with the Match.http://forums.appleinsider.com/images/smilies/1cool.gif
I subscribed to Match last week when it was released. It successfully matched several thousand of my 23,000 tunes. It has now been uploading the unmatched tunes I have for several days. It is particularly taking a loooong time to upload the Grateful Dead tunes I have. Granted they tend to be long and therefore large files. It is still surprising that iTunes has been uploading unstopped for several days. Still have 1,300 to go. Has anyone else experienced this? Not...
Does anyone know how playlists are updated with the new Match to the iCloud? I have just manually added to some tunes to my iTunes library and an existing playlist and get a message that the existing playlist will now longer be available on the iCloud if I update it with these tunes. The playlist will be deleted from the iCloud and only be available on my Mac Book Pro where my iTunes is. This raises another question in my mind. How do smart playlists get...
Eric Schmidt can not be trusted and deserves to fail. Let's hope that Eric's "new" music store fails horribly. After agreeing with Steve to not compete on phones with Apple in exchange for Steve's promise not to compete on search engines he serves what he gets. Evil man.
Management announced today that Thanksgiving will be celebrated in November. It is currently in its third round of Beta testing. Beta testers have been asked to log off so that management can erase their calendars in preparation for the immanent announcement of the final date.
The original launch date was announced by management publicly on October 4th 2011 at which time they said it would be launched in October 2011. Guess their calendar was broken. Why would management put themselves in that position unless they were sure it would happen?
Surprising that "management" was so out of touch with the product that they would publicly state it would be released in October. maybe it is vaporware.
Probably would have considered the Match when it was promised in October and would have wanted to be the first one on my block. Now, think I will wait a while after it is eventually made available and see if this is another Mobile Me or something that is really worth paying an annual subscription for. After all the fan fare in October and the contunuing concerns being leaked by Beta Beta Beta testers it is starting to raise lots of questions about the value of this...
Luster is off the lily
New Posts  All Forums: