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Yep, but one of the larger issues is that this new process Apple has been following is flipping the tables.  Now "design porn" is becoming "Apple".  With no Steve Jobs, the Apple of old is fading away.  Eventually, they will just sell art. 
Part of the issues with these updates, is that they add new bugs.  With the latest update, now bluetooth is now even worse then it was before.  Ugh.      RogueDogRandy, you're going to have to grow up someday. Good Luck! 
All the time.  I guess you don't watch TV?
It sounds very anti-competitive and Anti-American. 
That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.
 Major.  This is almost as bad as you can get. 
It's amazing and terrifying how people on this web site will defend Apple no matter what.  This is simple anti-competitive behavior.   Don't be naive.  That means they would have to ban US currency too.  Also, virtually every other currency in existence.  Also PayPal.  Don't you people get that, by allowing Apple (or Google) to ban/approve apps and content,  you no longer have control over your own personal lives. 
This is why you don't allow a single entity to control what you can and can't have. "App stores" are just as evil as NSA spying.
 Hmm...  The issue isn't on the server side.  It's with the client.  I didn't write Mail.app.  I never speculated on how easy it would be.  I wouldn't have a chance to repair it without the source.  Your argument has reinforced how lacking Apple's care is to make a good product.  It appears that they have slip into a chronic case of shipping products which are not to the quality norm before Steve Jobs died.  After this issue was first discovered, a fix should have been...
Having an issue which started in an October release and it continues past February of the next year is not a "verification that Apple is taking the issue seriously". It's exactly the opposite.
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