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What do you really think the average motivation is for buying these glasses and a sales surge? Just curious..Someone up thread said it was about an appreciation for the design, but why a sudden surge only after his death when he has been a highly public figure with those glasses for years? The research that goes into finding that specific brand? I don't remember it being mentioned in the book like the turtlenecks were. Slightly more effort involved then just an impulsive...
Pretty sure I said nothing like that or implying that, but thanks
So "stealing" the mans style in glasses accomplishes what exactly? Great artists steal as a means to an end to create a better version of what came before it. Dressing up like your role model isn't. The quote means nothing as it pertains to this conversation. I can agree that the world does need leaders and followers or it would cease to function, but an unhealthy hero worship by trying to dress up as your role model doesn't really serve that purpose either.
Anyone else find this kind of hero worship slightly unhealthy (both with the glasses and turtlenecks)? Seems to be the antithesis of everything Steve was about.. "Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life."
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