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Okay so here is my last question then. My movies that I have downloaded on my computer are all .avi files. How do I import them into my Itunes?
[QUOTE=KingOfSomewhereHot;1982857]It IS possible. Personally, I gave up on trying to use my PS3 to watch ripped movies and bought an Apple TV. The AppleTV seems to do a MUCH better job of up-converting lower res files to display at 720p. Okay so then here is another question for you. I have always been a little confused on the whole Apple TV. I always thought that Apple TV was the OnDemand service that Comcast offers but only through apple. Am I wrong about...
So it's not possible
Hi guys I'm new to these forums and I have a quick question that I can't figure out to save my life. I have a 1tb silver WD external hard drive for my mbp. I am trying to reformat it so that I am able to take movies off my mbp and watch them on my ps3. Now I understand that I need to go to disk utility and erase. The options they give me are though Mac OS extended (Journaled) Mac OS extended Mac OS extended (case sensitive Journaled) Mac OS extended (case...
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