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Windows 8 never forget
Wow stick a fork in this steaming pile.  Kill it already adobe. Suckers been in a coma on life support for years now, just let this damn plague of a piece of software die.
It would be nice to playback your own 4k videos from your shinny new iPhone 6s like mine:). I agree there.
About the 4k thing.  The new apple tv supports 4k with its hdmi 1.4 output at 30hz.  We know for certain that the A8 is capable of 4k playback and it has been proven so on the iPhone 6.  Do a search on the web for it.  This A8 in the new apple tv is running at full power unlike the iPhone 6, so it will be more powerful right out of the box. (no concerns about power saving, it runs on wall current).   The A8 also supports the HEVC (high efficiency video coding) H.265, which...
Put in place by congress, signed by bush into law and was supposed to be expired by now,  but embraced by the current administration under President obama who has no problem using the patriot act, which he has signed extensions on several times now.
Thats funny they have a picture in the article of the nsa's petabyte storage facility in utah at camp williams military base.  Its right across the valley from my house lol.
The said in the story that they were surprised that the samsung version which is built on the smaller 14nm consumed more energy in there tests than 16nm version from TSMC.  Normally smaller is less power.  Trust samsung to screw that up too.
Ha Ha Your funny.  Digitimes correct, HA HA.The yellow sheet journalistic rag is almost always wrong they have the worst track record in the industry for predicting things.  This just shows how stupid wall street investors really are.
Problem is that now there telling the third party merchants they can't sell them either.  That is anti trust.  They can choose not to sell it themselves but they can't tell hosted stores that they can't sell them.   With the apple store apple is the store owner.  with amazon they host others stores through amazon.  Apple does not do this. Oh and by the way, Adorama is an amazon hosted store so they can't sell apple tv either.  at least not through amazons portal.
Because amazon needs to get off there lazy butt and build an app for the apple tv.
New Posts  All Forums: