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Ha Ha Your funny.  Digitimes correct, HA HA.The yellow sheet journalistic rag is almost always wrong they have the worst track record in the industry for predicting things.  This just shows how stupid wall street investors really are.
Problem is that now there telling the third party merchants they can't sell them either.  That is anti trust.  They can choose not to sell it themselves but they can't tell hosted stores that they can't sell them.   With the apple store apple is the store owner.  with amazon they host others stores through amazon.  Apple does not do this. Oh and by the way, Adorama is an amazon hosted store so they can't sell apple tv either.  at least not through amazons portal.
Because amazon needs to get off there lazy butt and build an app for the apple tv.
Plex announced that there currently writing a Plex app for the new apple tv so one less reason to buy the fire.
You need to read closer the person in the article said 
UM there a charter member of the H.265 consortium and have a number of patents owned that are included in the H.265 standard. There listed as a patent contributing member of the H.265 standard on MPEG LA's website (there the owners of h.264, and h.265).  They already have unlimited access to that standard.  Apple also uses the H.265 standard in FaceTime video on the iPhone 6 and 6s right now to compress the video streams.There already listed as a full licensee of H.264 and...
No it does not, 1.4 supports 4k at 30hz 30 fps.  Most movies are 24 fps with the exception being ones shot with RED 4k cameras.  They run at 60fps 60hz
Also it has been said that the A8 in the new Apple TV is running at full power unlike the iPhone so it can run as fast as it wants without worrying about power consumption because is is running off 120 ac.
My wife gets along fine with a 16 Gig iPhone 6 and really has no problems with it, no nasty surprises for her, she loves her iPhone too.   I think Apple should make the base iPhone 32 Gig too but there are a lot of people out there that do just fine with 16, also a lot of business phones the companies don't want more than 16 on there phones and order them low on memory just to keep employees from putting a lot of extra garbage on them.
Actually your pretty close, the original MacBook Air in its standard configuration started with a 64 Gig flash drive.
New Posts  All Forums: