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 They are but Cook announced it at the april quarterly earnings conference call that Best Buy would be rolling out apple pay this fall.
Looks exactly like my space grey Watch. Same shade of grey its darker.
Showtime is just about ready with there hbo style of service too.
I would have to agree with you on this one, It went flawlessly for me too.  I am really enjoying the curated lists too.  Way to go Apple!
I just updated my post above it looks like tuesday when iOS 8.4 comes out there raising the limit of iTunes match to 100,000 anyway. I put a link to the article about it in my above post.
I currently have a library of 30656 songs and iTunes match works great for me.  only a little over 500 songs from my library have been uploaded.  I just looked at apples page on iTunes match and no where does it say that match will not work if your library is larger than 25000 because it only uploads the songs they don't have online.   Songs you have purchased from apple don't count towards the 25000.  To quote apples page  The only limits are 200MB files, Files longer...
I tunes match does not upload all of your library just the songs not in apples library online, if they have the song in there library online yours does not get uploaded.  The chances that you would have 25000 songs that are not in apples library are extremely remote.
Because force touch measures the "force" being applied, not the duration. On my Watch hard presses are not longer than say a tap.  So no there not the same. You could actually  have long presses too or long presses with more force too.
Pretty much anything you spend money on with the exception of basics, food, shelter and family are things you don't need.  So I would have to agree with your sentiment on that.  I bought an Watch because I use it for running and it is an excellent fitness tracker which will only get better with native apps an WatchOS 2.  All the rest it does is gravy for me, I especially like Apple Pay with it. 
Here is a text grab off  ATT's Website:Note the installment number vs. the trade in and upgrade number.  If you complete the full installment of each plan you own the phone outright.Heres the link to the page I got this from :http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/next.html
New Posts  All Forums: