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I don't know about the rest of you but my 5s gets charged 1 time a day when I go home and ranges from 80% left to 50% left depending on my usage.  Also Im running the beta of iOS 8 and it is a battery pig in some ways. So I think just from my observations that this samsung add is complete and utter BS as per usual from samsung.
Theres no way in hell apple is abandoning iCloud.  It is key to the integration of there devices in the future.  Apple has invested multiple billions in data centers maiden nc, prineville oregon, reno nevada, california, and now the new one in the netherlands, and more in the future.  you don't make that kind of investment and just drop it.iCloud is here to stay.
My Sennheiser HD 800's are much much better than any beats headphones, I would compare them to beats best and beats falls woefully short.
bfd.  everyone knows who DED's aliases are.  Who cares.   John Kirk writes articles for Techpinions and posts under an assumed name.  He also posts on PED's Fortune page Apple 2.0 under Falkirk.  Again who cares.  Everyone knows who he is and it isn't like DED is denying who he is when he posts under corrections.
His company?  LOL.  Sorry man its Googles company now they own you.  And if Google decides they want ads on there thermostats and smoke alarms they will have it.  Wether you like it or not.
Would be nice to see something other than a sim ejector tool lol!
Apple has an exclusive license forever for use of liquid metal in electronic devices. These extensions are a separate agreement for apple and liquid metal to form a joint company to develop manufacturing processes to make parts.  Once the tech to manufacture parts in liquid metal is developed and paid for by apple the manufacturing goes back to liquid metal. But Apple keeps the rights forever for use in the electronic devices. Its the same deal there doing with GTE and...
What a disingenuous and misleading statement.   Apple infringed on a patent that samsung bought six months before the trial from another company.  Lol.  The article acts like samsung designed this patent.  They didn't they bought it so they could countersue apple because they had nothing to go to trial with.  In fact the patent was only mentioned in the closing arguments for a brief few minutes which goes to show that samsung really didn't care about it other than to save...
Do you really think the iPhone was just a bunch of ideas "scribble down" while drinking a latte? It was 5 years in development and thousands of man hours.  And because your misinformed let me correct you on the oft incorrectly used Apple copied Xerox meme.  Apple did not copy xerox.They were invited to PARC research at Xerox where Xerox had very very early and crude versions of a GUI and using a very crude object oriented point and click environment on a computer that was...
Apple has yet to include the S4 or the S5.  They tried with the S4 but the Judge would not allow it in this trial.  It has nothing to do with not getting much mileage, when in your vernacular the car has not even left the garage and started driving down the road for those models yet (as in there have been no lawsuits allowed on the S4 or S5 yet).
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