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This is the same Obama that let comcast buy nbc/universal lol
My safari plays them flawlessly. You must have something going wrong on your mac.
once the cards are verified the apple watch gets a unique device id just like iPhone and does not need the phone after that for apple pay
Were talking ssd not a normal hard drive here actually 2999 is really a decent price considering the 1350 MB transfer rate and thats not theoretical, that is real world.  You obviously have not looked at professional raid systems for video there very expensive. I have on my 2013 mac pro a Promise Pegasus 2 R4 with thunderbolt 2 and it  is super fast, but will set you back 1400.00 for the 8 terabyte version with western digital RE4 enterprise drives.  The drives are matched...
Your taking Munster seriously?  Really?  This is the guy that still has delusions of an Apple Television. LOL.  No one here has to apologize for apple either. They need no apology.
Real world on usb is much lower. Uncompressed 4k requires 9.2Gb/s nominal. Of course compressed requires much less but I deal with uncompressed and USB C would not handle that at all.
The 2013 and all new macs except for the new macbook have thunderbolt 2 ports with 20 Gbit/s thunderbolt.  That is a huge difference when dealing with 4k.  USB-C will never handle that.  Thunderbolt 3 will be released this year (Alpine Ridge) with PCIe 3.0 with backwards compatability to thunderbolt 2 and 1 and will offer 40Gbit/s  (5GBs). And the ability to drive two external 4k displays at 60hz or 1 5k. Intel is on track to release Skylake architecture chips this year. 
There is a company releasing a new blood sugar monitor that is a companion to the apple watch, soon I just read I wish I could remember where.Dexcom is the company.
They did most reports said that apple watch would launch last year but it ended up being delayed till april this year.  Even apple themselves said that they wanted the extra time to work on squeezing as much battery time out of the watch as possible.
Lol order my space grey aluminum 2 mins after 1200 pacific time and its 4 to 6 weeks expected delivery date.
New Posts  All Forums: