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Exactly!  The A8 supports 4k!  It also supports HEVC (H.265).  HEVC is used in FaceTime video on the iPhone 6.  This is the same codec that 4k is compressed in.  And will be the standard for the new HEVC blu ray players.  As for the hdmi issues the new apple tv supports hdmi 1.4 which supports 4k output.But at this point streaming 4k is not a reality.  What netflix offers is not true full resolution 4k.  it is garbage compared to true 4k at 3840x 2160.All apple will have...
You hit the nail on the head, 4k is nice but there is no internet connection that won't cap with a few movies, mine through centurylink is 250 gigand I'm done.  I don't think people realize just how stupid this 4k thing is.  Don't even go there with netflix 4k, it is not true 4k.  not even close.The new apple tv does support 4k, it even has the hdmi 1.4 output to do so and the A8 does for sure, and the A8 also supports the HEVC codec (H.265).  It is already used on the...
To be honest I don't block ads here at ai because there ads are not intrusive and non offensive. I do not block anything unless it becomes an irritant to me. I find a lot of ads on websites that push porn and trashy entertainment sites that are nothing but a guise for porno sites to be offensive and I will block these. I think a huge amount of the responcibility for what kinds of ads a website puts up lies with the management of that site. It also says a lot about...
Mine has been switch I was paying $9.99 a month for the 500 gig and just got a letter today stating that I have been switch to 1 Terabyte at no extra charge.
all it would require is turning it on in software, the A8 already supports 4k decoding and is being run at full power in the apple tv unlike the iPhone where it has to worry about power consumption.  The new apple tv already supports hdmi 1.4 which supports 4k resolution.  So the question is not if  but when apple turns on 4k on the new apple tv.
good luck with that the supreme court annually gets 10000 cases for judgement and only hears around 75 a year.
This is because ATT changed there policy it was all over the websites about 2 months ago, It is ATT's fault not apples. ATT will not let anyone 3rd party including Apple sell on a 2 year subsidized contract anymore.  To get the 2 year you have to go directly to ATT. (Im on ATT by the way and I have a grandfathered unlimited plan)Simply put ATT and all of the carriers are pushing to get rid of the subsidized plans altogether and making you purchase the phone outright...
I tried to do that last night through there website and it let me but as I was reserving one at one of the three local apple stores they all changed from available to out of stock. LOL I didn't get mine in fast enough and just had to have one shipped to me direct from apple
Yeah notice that $15.00 fee too, I checked into it, Im with ATT and the fee comes from them, should have known.   ATT reams you any way they can.Luckily I bought my 6sPlus outright, or I would have been hit with there new $45.00 activation fee.
I could not get in till 7 minutes after midnight on apples website, there was problems, but when I did my space grey 64 gig 6sPlus went through just fine for September 25th delivery.
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