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I tried to do that last night through there website and it let me but as I was reserving one at one of the three local apple stores they all changed from available to out of stock. LOL I didn't get mine in fast enough and just had to have one shipped to me direct from apple
Yeah notice that $15.00 fee too, I checked into it, Im with ATT and the fee comes from them, should have known.   ATT reams you any way they can.Luckily I bought my 6sPlus outright, or I would have been hit with there new $45.00 activation fee.
I could not get in till 7 minutes after midnight on apples website, there was problems, but when I did my space grey 64 gig 6sPlus went through just fine for September 25th delivery.
These people are amazing they can kiss my a$$.  Do your job and catch criminals with the tools you have, don't compromise  my privacy and my rights under the constitution with this backdoor crap.  Get a court order and force the criminal to unlock his phone and show you the files or put his ass in prison until he does.  The only reason for these whiners to complain is that they want to collect data like the NSA on everyone and everything, even when it is illegal to spy on...
You missed one:)Merchants not responsible for fraud when CurrentC is used.  Check(customers will be)
Wall street doesn't need rumors they make up there own, Somebody at Apple sneezed last week time for a $10.00 stock price drop in a day!AAPL and Apple have really nothing in common.  One is Manipulated  by criminals at wall street and the other is not.
Weren't we just told yesterday that apple is loosing smart phone share in the us?  The real info here is that none of these data analyzing companies have any clue what there talking about.  There morons.
 They are but Cook announced it at the april quarterly earnings conference call that Best Buy would be rolling out apple pay this fall.
Looks exactly like my space grey Watch. Same shade of grey its darker.
Showtime is just about ready with there hbo style of service too.
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