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 Lol good post.  Same BS that they put out about the 5s.  Analysts just like to here themselves talk.  They really have no clue.Even when Tim Cook warns them they dont listen: Analysts dont want the truth.  Truth is boring.  Lies sell better, and garner more "clicks".
 I think Apple is laying the ground work for just that,  future options,  one being able to address more than 4 Gig of ram, but that is a minor reason like you have said for going to ARMv8 and 64 bit.  There are a ton of reasons now. That improve everything on the A7.  
 Actually "Cyclone" the A7 does both 32bit and 64bit address busses.  It supports the ARM AAarch32 and ARM AArch64.  Because of ARMv8's new ISA it can do both on one chip.To quote Anand Lal Shimpi: He has a good explanation of it here.
Because there all marketing people and there companies are all butt hurt they didn't get there first.But wait?  I thought they offered no advantage at all?  Why build one then?What a stupid moron.  He contradicts himself in his own interview. There coming out with one obviously because it is very important as many articles have shown. The least of which is being able to address more than 4 Gig of memory.
I think that it would be funny if apple launched a new product that is not a watch and called it iWatch, like maybe a new apple tv heavily upgraded. Leave samesong hanging on to that wrist brick they call a smart watch. Im sure that samesong will come out with a new iteration of there wrist brick just to beat the as of yet unannounced iWatch.
 Sad thing about that is the iPhone 5s kicks that 8 core samsung phones ass in benchmarks.  And the 5s does it without doping the processor with os tweeks like GS4. And by the way the exynos 8 core only uses 4 cores at a time stock.  It either uses the 4 stock a15 arm cores high power mode or the 4 stock a7 arm cores low power mode.  Samsung is using ARM's Big Little architecture to put 8 cores together.You really need to research more before you post.
 If you want an extremely technical article on 64 bit ARMv8 used in the A7 read here. There are a ton more reasons that the standard stupid "addresses more that 4 Gig is the only advantage of 64 bit" useless statement is a non issue.That is the very least of reasons to go to ARMv8 and 64 bit.
That is the most wrong statment I have ever seen.  They did not build the A7.  They manufactured the Apple Designed Build of the A7.They had absolutely no hand in building the architecture of the A7.If you meant manufactured it then I can agree with you.
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