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You have some really funny math, the S4 in the first two months sold 10 million according to samsungs own info graphic in the article. Guess you just didn't see that.  You must be using flawgic. Here is a pict of it for you notice that 10 million number.
Zoned heating is very expensive to retrofit.  My brother had it done in his house and it cost a huge amount of money.  But I know that nest is working on remote sensors and also that the new CO sensor works with nests to communicate auto away if I'm not mistaken. Im not.  Just read this on the nest website that the new Nest Protect Smoke/CO sensor does work with auto away to control your heating and cooling, so if your nest is in a low traffic location the Nest Protect...
Your issue is not wide spread I read nest forums every day and nest is working on a solution.  For customers that can't wait for that solution they are refunding your money.  Here is a post from a Nest Engineer on there forums that I quoted: Apparently some HVAC systems generate electrical noise (voltage spikes) causing the switch transistor in the base to overheat or be damaged.  As was stated in the letter there are literally hundreds of thousands of nests out there.  ...
I think your thermostat location is more the exception than the norm.  Most thermostats are in the hallways between bedrooms and the rest of the house.  If you had multiple nests like I do they do talk with each other and communicate auto away and other functions and share sensor data.  Nest has said that it is working on remote averaging sensors for there nests which do support home automation integration.
Yes when you have more than one nest they talk with each other wirelessly, you do have to have wireless in your home.   They coordinate auto away, and auto fan and other info with each other including the auto learning they do to save you money on your heating and cooling see: http://support.nest.com/article/How-does-Nest-work-if-I-have-multiple-Nest-Learning-Thermostats-in-the-same-home
I have had 2 nests for 2 years and not one issue with them at  all.  The have saved me on my annual heating and cooling around 12%.  Which has already paid for the cost.  Keep in mind I had programmable thermostats before and I did have them programmed properly.  With fan control on the nest, auto away, and generally better sensors than other competitors it has led to the 12% savings which is what I wanted from them.  I have no complaints at all.  I love the green leaf...
You are wrong.  Nests talk with each other in the same home.  For instance if one nest goes into away mode they all do if no one is in the home they do talk with each other. Here is a link talking about this:  http://support.nest.com/article/How-does-Nest-work-if-I-have-multiple-Nest-Learning-Thermostats-in-the-same-home
Except that Bromwich himself claims $1100.00 fee per hour personally + 15% administrative fees.  He is a thief.  And after reading the attached court filing by Apple, this judge and judgment is so literally bias to hurt Apple in any way possible it is ridiculous and unconstitutional.   The judge is receiving ex parte' reports from Bromwich without informing Apple, and Bromwich is conducting those interviews with no counsel (lawyer) present in direct violation of the...
Stop spreading FUD. The gift cards are not just for iTunes downloads.  There for anything in the apple store. The Apple Stores by me say so. Was just at one yesterday.
Though you are posting in sarcasm I'm  sure that soon enough we will have some droid weenie show up and start telling everyone its because of low demand.  When the real reason is that Apple ramped production up for the 5s's over a month ago to keep up with demand because they were falling far behind.
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