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I would hope that this customer is apple.  Intel has the worlds most advanced fabs and are currently seeding 14nm and 10 nm samples.  Apple has a good relationship with Intel and this could very well be what is happening.  Time will tell.  Anything that gets Apple away from samsung is good news, so I hope that this is what is going on.  With the statement being that there going to produce 64bit arm and apple having the only 64 bit arm chip at the moment in mass production,...
I think that lol only Cook and Apple know what channel inventory should be for sales at a given moment.  But Apple has a really good habit of keeping channel inventory very low.  Unlike microsoft who writes off $900 million in inventory because they blew a wad of cash on surfaces that no one bought.  And then give said surfaces to schools for free.  Well not really free. ($900 million is not really free to them. But for the schools i guess).
you also have to remember that corporate taxes are lower in korea, than in the us. The difference takes away the .3 billion your talking about.  Apple does not have the ability to change its income tax more than it already does.  Also Many here are forgetting that Apple deferred  $900 million due to the software right downs for the free software that there giving away.  Peter Openheimer mentioned this in the quarterly conference call.
Absolutely. Oh and Eighth
STOP RIGHT THERE!No need to read any further.  This whole article is not worth the time it took to write it.Anything that starts with Digitimes is a waste of time.  
LOL if you want to believe what IDC spews then go right ahead there the worst analytical firm on the planet.  With surveys based in wild guesses about how many tablets are shipped when no android manufacture ever states shipped or sold.  Then they add in sub $100 dollar white box android tablets that make up about 30% of that survey, and none of those tablets will ever connect to google play and will never make google or android a dime.  Fact is the only manufacturer that...
Another useless survey from IDC.  If you go read there metrics in this android vs apple survey there counting sub 100 dollar white box tablets now in china against apple as well.    Sad thing is that none of the 30% of Other (white box)  will connect to google play and make google absolutely no money. Those tablets don't even compare to an iPad.  Most of them after 6 months are landfill in a dump.  All of them start with an old version of android and will barely make a...
In other news France mugs apple for the change in its pocket.
Don't forget about the 900 million that is deferred that Peter Openheimer talked about. That factors into that net profit picture too.
What a dip shit.  64 bit desktop class processor, iTouch fingerprint id,  M7 motion co processor, 64 bit iOS7, New radical designed Mac Pro.  Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9, New iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini, Haswell based Macbook Pros with Crystalwell graphics, Refreshed Macbook Airs.   Seriously what the hell does this idiot consider innovation?A Galaxy GS4 with gimmicky hover touch, and a 6 inch screen?What an ass hat.
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