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yes he has.  He overlooks that AArch64 doubled the number of registers over 32bit ARM. 32-bit ARM provides 16 integer registers, of which one is a dedicated program counter, two more are give over to a stack pointer and link register, and the other 13 are available for general use.  With AArch 64 there are 32 integer registers, with a dedicated zero register, dedicated link register and dedicated frame pointer register. One further register is dedicated to the platform...
They actually don't there IM division (smart phones, cell tower equipment and computers) makes almost 90% of there money, thats according to there latest quarterly.  If they lost sales on there Galaxy line it would hurt horribly for them.
The report does include tablets too.  where it compares phone sales to tablet sales.
LOL Another troll fantasy.   Products Like the iPhone 5s that outsold samsungs pitiful GS4 two month sales in the first week?  Is that the niche product were talking about.  Oh and lets talk about tablets.  The iPad Air is the fastest selling tablet in history.  Thats the other niche product?Then lets talk about profits shall we.  Apples products command 75% of product revenue for all mobile devices.  Hell the only one making money on the android side is Samsung, and they...
Keep living in that fantasy, most of those devices are usb dongles and dumb phones that have no functionality at all.
Your confused.  Mobile sales made up as the article says nearly 29% of online sales.  out of that 29% iOS took 83% and android took 4.6%.The rest was split up between the other mobile os's. The rest of online sales were by computer which took up 71% of online sales.
They failed right there when they said "swipe sensor".  I had one on a motorola atrix and they sucked.  It was a phone for work..  Good luck with that LG.
Oh another one of you 4 Gig people.  This theory has already been discussed ad nauseum, there are huge benefits of a 64 bit processor the least of which is addressing more that 4 Gig of memory.  Anand La Shimpi says so as do others more knowledgeable than you.  You should stop reading the android blogs because this is there favorite line.   Heck even Qualcomm retracted there Senior VP idiots statement as being false for claiming the same thing and demoted him.  There a...
Retrain it. Mine is rock solid and works every time.
Problem with this is they don't state numbers.  They could be selling 100 kindles a day, and on christmas day they sell 2400.  Apple meanwhile is selling 200000 a day and jumped to 400000.  Just meaningless click bait.
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