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What a dip shit.  64 bit desktop class processor, iTouch fingerprint id,  M7 motion co processor, 64 bit iOS7, New radical designed Mac Pro.  Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9, New iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini, Haswell based Macbook Pros with Crystalwell graphics, Refreshed Macbook Airs.   Seriously what the hell does this idiot consider innovation?A Galaxy GS4 with gimmicky hover touch, and a 6 inch screen?What an ass hat.
The actually have hired numerous people to curate there radio stations.  It was in  a news article a while back..  It takes time to curate stations.  They will get better. This article talks about Apple talking with Music industry companies and actually hiring music programmers for distinctive groups or genres of music and they are actively doing this right now.  http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57603188-37/how-apples-itunes-radio-will-rock-the-world/ There are many more...
There is a way to tune your station on iTunes radio, by selecting "play more like this" (the current song playing) or selecting "never play this song" (again during the current song playing).
I use both the nike running app and the music app every day and never had any problems whatsoever.  I have very large hands too.
You really have no clue what your talking about do you?  Just because it has more cores does not mean its faster.  In fact the A7 handily hammers the exynos octa 8 core from samsung into the pavement.  You really need to read more before you post. Heres some light reading for your education:http://www.anandtech.com/show/7335/the-iphone-5s-review/5http://techpinions.com/the-apple-a7-a-is-for-ambition/22934http://www.realworldtech.com/arm64/
There I corrected that for you.
LOL!  I will have to remember that one HA HA!
Seriously.  I have 5k just waiting. I thought november lol.  I guess Apple had just one more surprise¡  A release date in December¡Damn it!
Actually if you look at apples website it says that you can put dual d500s in the quad core. 
Its funny too that google gets not one thin dime from the Kindle Fire HD because amazon forked the os lol.
New Posts  All Forums: