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I'm inclined to believe the latter.
Thats what you get from a piss poor looser.  He has basically singlehandedly made microsoft irrelevant.  And hes walking away with millions for doing it.
"But he's also bullish on the iPhone 5c, which he admitted beat his expectations for sales while also carrying high margins." Why cant most analysts do that, admit that they were wrong people would have more respect for them if they did unlike that boob Munster and his sidekick hack.
 I dont know if they would be even that much but yes some of those iPhones would be the old 5 and 4s as the low end.  Tim Cook did say though and I cant remember where that the 5's were down to about 2 weeks of inventory just before the 5c and 5s's launch.  I know  locally the 5's are gone.  Most like walmart and best buy sold them for $79.00 just to get rid of them, and Walmart and Target were selling the 5c's for $79.00 as well.
 Obviously you need to go back and look at the article headline and the part where it says "Editorial". But I will help you out: Notice the Clearly market "Editorial" in the upper left part of the headline?
 Munster basically said that Apple really only sold 5.5 million because the rest of the iPhones were in partner channel inventory.  Which is total bs.  None of the partners have the 5s either and there sold out everywhere not just apple.  He made up that ridiculous tripe to cover his own incompetent prediction, instead of just coming clean and admitting he made a mistake.  He's turning into just another analyst boob like all the rest of the retards that work on wallstreet.
 They dont automaticall install any os upgrade, you will be asked if you check in software update before anything is installed and even then you have to push the button to do so.
 It ran fine on my old 4s, not really laggy at all, so I dont know what the fuss was all about. I ran the beta all the way from the start on my 4s with a few issues but, they were all ironed out in the gm release.
These guys credibility just went from zero to -100.  Hello?  Lights are on but nobody's home?  And the one idiot still uses a blackberry. LOL and were taking him seriously?  Blackberry = Dead company walking.
What channel inventory?  "Believed"  Where did they get that one from the crack of there bums. Nobody has any iPhone 5s's.  I mean nobody.  These dumb asses will just not admit that there incompetent and wrong. So they make up this channel inventory b s.   To quote Apples actual press release:Note nowhere in there does it say shipped, or shipped to channel inventory.  It says "SOLD".  And Apple adjusted its outlook accordingly with the SEC with there Form 8k filing. I just...
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