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Except that Bromwich himself claims $1100.00 fee per hour personally + 15% administrative fees.  He is a thief.  And after reading the attached court filing by Apple, this judge and judgment is so literally bias to hurt Apple in any way possible it is ridiculous and unconstitutional.   The judge is receiving ex parte' reports from Bromwich without informing Apple, and Bromwich is conducting those interviews with no counsel (lawyer) present in direct violation of the...
Stop spreading FUD. The gift cards are not just for iTunes downloads.  There for anything in the apple store. The Apple Stores by me say so. Was just at one yesterday.
Though you are posting in sarcasm I'm  sure that soon enough we will have some droid weenie show up and start telling everyone its because of low demand.  When the real reason is that Apple ramped production up for the 5s's over a month ago to keep up with demand because they were falling far behind.
He meant that it is supposed to be 900 million what was written was 900 thousand.   MS write off for surface tabs was 900 million.  It looks like it has been corrected now in the article.
Microsoft did not invent the kinect. They had Primsense build it for them from tech invented by Primsense.  Apple simply bought the company.  The innovation will come with how Apple uses the tech from Primsense.   Just like how they used multiple sensors in there home button for TouchID so that there was no swiping of your finger.
Apple had multiple prototypes running in there full glory clear back at the macworld in june.  So I think that Apple has many of these done and in boxes.  There most likely waiting for production to build up inventory for the launch, and to get the new assembly line on line here in the US in Texas.  The  Processors Xeon E5-1620 v2 4 core, Xeon E5-1650 v2 6 core, Xeon E5-1680 v2 8 core, and the Xeon E5-2697 v2 12 core have been available for quite some time (6 months)....
No. On this type of computer I don't think they will be loosing all that many sales.  The Mac Pro is for a select group of Pro customers and maybe some Prosumers, these types of customers really don't care what season it is to base there buying decisions on.  They are in it for the horsepower pure and simple.  If it will help there production load to move faster, (i.e.  video encoding, sound encoding and 3d rendering and manipulation) they will buy it when it becomes...
From all of the tech pages about TouchID I have heard that it learns as you use it so if your finger isn't on a part that was scanned when learning it will learn that part on a second touch.  Even if it is a little off.  
Did you read the article?  These sticks are being made and sold by piraters, with pirated movies installed on them and activated as android tablets with movies installed to play illegally.   There not just some "insane" man installing android on a usb stick.  There being sold by the millions.  There even installing google play store versions of Android on them.  Those do count on googles activation list, as tablets.  The analyst companies like IDC and Gartner use the...
What I find funny is how an Android supporter such as yourself comments on things like this on a pro apple sight named AppleInsider, and expects people here to listen to you.
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