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The mini is a great computer and is basically a headless iMac.  The new ones are very speedy and very nice to use.  You can get a quad core i7 in a mini the same the run in the iMac.Apple does not build a "crap" computer.
Yawn.  Another Gimmick from Shame Sung.
More than that its a pressure sensitive touch screen as in the whole screen.If you looked at the article closer you would have understood that.
These are all of the no name $30 to $80 dollar tablets that don't connect to google play or any ecosystem on the planet.  There a conglomeration of cheap landfill junk that any respectable survey firm would completely ignore.  3 months to 6 months after purchase because of the use of the cheapest parts they can find to construct them, 90% of them die and are thrown away.  If it was not so sad that IDC and Stratgey Analytics had to quote these numbers, of tablets (no name...
Thats why best buy is sold out lol there overstocked.
DED said there deferring $900 million in this next quarter which was reported by Peter Oppenheimer in the Q4 conference call.  So there Q1 2014 will not report all of there earnings.  Because of the minus $900 million.
There was an article back a ways that explained why they deferred the revenue and it was due to a law put in place because of enron and there accounting practices.
Like the ones that laptops had before the Atrix?The Atrix sensor sucked.  My wife had one.  It would work only sometimes, and after about 6 months of use it just quit working altogether.And it was nothing like the iPhone 5s sensor.  You had to swipe your finger across the sensor just right or it would fail reading your print.The sensor would fail early because it was unprotected unlike the 5s with the sapphire cover.  The oil and salt would corrode the sensor and make it...
And that whole fiasco about the multiple processor Moto X and about how googles motorola lied about its configuration.  Saying that the X8 processor  was  a custom 8 core and Adnandtech found out that the X8 was really  just all off the shelf chips crammed together not one single custom processor like Motorola Market.  You mean that MotoX?
They don't include the kick back they got under the table.  Part of that 13 billion dollar advertising budget of samsungs.
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