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The other thing too about this moron is that he really can't sue Tim Cook for an Apple iPhone problem.  Apple is a Corporation.  They are that for a good reason.  He can sue Apple but not individuals personally for corporate issues like iOS7. This will be dumped by the court faster than you can Say Apple.
You still can downgrade any iPhone except the 5s.  To do so go to ipswdownload.com.  Grab the ipsw file that you want to go back to like iOS 6.1.4.  Download it to your computer.  Launch iTunes.  Plug in your iPhone.  Go to iTunes restore screen.  Hold down option and hit restore.  Navigate to the just downloaded ipsw file and open.  There you go..   Back to iOS 6.1.4. Of course this guy is probably too stupid to do that.  He sounds dumber than a box of rocks.
Did you do a clean fresh install when installing iOS7?  Or did you just update?  Or did you do an update and restore? About 85% of the problems you are having I would bet are because you just updated and all of your old settings are in your phone from a restore.Try this.  Restore your phone to factory in iTunes and then set it up like it is new out of the box.  Don't restore your settings with iTunes.If you do I would bet that most of your problems go away.My wife's iphone...
When all four major carriers in the us report that the 5s is there number one selling phone, and the 5c is number two on two carriers and number three on the other two carriers, how can Blackbook call that poor sales of the 5c?
I got the last 5c  at walmart for my daughter that they had.  They were sold out, and continue to do so on a weekly stock up basis.The 5s's are worse at walmart. When they get stock its out, by the end of the day.  At least the 5c's stay in stock for a few days. But the associate told me that they get more of the 5c's than the 5s's so maybe thats why they stay in stock longer.
I believe that the 5c is actually selling better than the 4s did last year when the 5 was the top end if you believe multiple reports.
The don't really have to now that all of the iApps are free with the purchase of an iOS device.To quote the fine print on Apples 5s page 
Honestly have not seen one app crash on my 5s, had it for two weeks now and I use it heavily, for everything, games, texts, phone and all kinds of other stuff.  I would take the article with a grain of salt.  Use the multitasking screen all the time and never had a single issue. Much ado about nothing IMO.
Oh but apple doesn't innovate anymore!/sThere doomed!!/s
Anand Lal Shimpi said in his review of the A7 that in tests he did the A7 is 825% faster than the iPhone 5 at AES encryption and 245% faster at sha1.  The page can be found here. He had this to say about the new cryptographic functions of the A7 and ARMv8:
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