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No not really because now they make samsung modify there devices.  That modification includes newer devices too because if they dont they will find themselves right back in court for the newer devices.  Which Apple is already doing.  Apple has made no bones about it.  Tim Cook put it this way:This is why they go to court.  There not interested in licensing there ideas and ip.  They just want people to quit using there ideas and stealing there ip. Period.
He should be canned. He is an embarrassment to his company and the laughing stock of the tech world.  His salary should be 0.
 Yes they did.  Because the chinese government was hacking into googles search database and also blocking searches.  Here's a good article on the matter:  http://www.businessinsider.com/google-pulls-out-of-china-2010-3
As you so mentioned in your comment that the tests were done off screen with 1080p resolution and with that resolution of course quad cores are going to have an advantage but when on screen  the A7 beats the Adreno 330 in rendering tests and is the only chip to score over 30, in fact 37 fps in GL Benchmark 2.7 T Rex Test.  Notice that the Adreno 330 was only able to manage 26 fps.To quote Anand La Shimpi about this benchmark above: Bold emphasis is mine. Its not a catch up...
 What about 61.75?  Isn't that better? 
 No fragmentation wont be an issue.  Because of fat binaries in X code.  Also because of ARMv8's new ISA, the A7 supports AArch 32bit and AArch 64 bit directly.  Which means to the end programmer and user 32 bit  and 64 bit code can be run separately or both side by side in the A7.   Good explanations here, and very technical here.
 Not if like my kids they already have an older hand me down iPhone and there contract on my family plan was up.  I just got my daughter a 5C and my older son a 5s and me a 5s.  Our iPhone  4s's and 4 were due for an upgrade.  I ended up trading them in and almost paying nothing out of pocket to upgrade all three.  Gotta love the resale value of iPhones.
 Lol I agree, where are all the "they just sold through to the channel" people?  Apparently the "Channel" is just as empty. 
 Munster is the worst one of all.  He started the channel stuffing rumors because of his own lack of being able to accurately forecast the correct number of sales of opening weekend.  He blew it for the 5 and blew it for the 5s and 5c.
 Notice the /s in the lower left corner of his post.  That means Sarcasm.   Lol looks like others posted the same too.
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