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 It ran fine on my old 4s, not really laggy at all, so I dont know what the fuss was all about. I ran the beta all the way from the start on my 4s with a few issues but, they were all ironed out in the gm release.
These guys credibility just went from zero to -100.  Hello?  Lights are on but nobody's home?  And the one idiot still uses a blackberry. LOL and were taking him seriously?  Blackberry = Dead company walking.
What channel inventory?  "Believed"  Where did they get that one from the crack of there bums. Nobody has any iPhone 5s's.  I mean nobody.  These dumb asses will just not admit that there incompetent and wrong. So they make up this channel inventory b s.   To quote Apples actual press release:Note nowhere in there does it say shipped, or shipped to channel inventory.  It says "SOLD".  And Apple adjusted its outlook accordingly with the SEC with there Form 8k filing. I just...
If the stupid media watched the keynote Phill Schiller said that 50% of the speed improvement since the iPhone first was introduced in 2007 came with the iPhone 5s.  That is totally amazing. He said that the 5s is 40 times as fast as the original iPhone cpu wise and 20 times as fast as the iPhone 5.  Graphically it is 56 times faster than the original iPhone and 23 times faster than the iphone 5.  Think about that for a second.  It really is an amazing upgrade.  
 They kind of have gone down in price already.  Walmart and Target are both selling the 5c on contract for $79.
 Funny you should mention Sham Sung.  It took them 2 months to "ship" 10 million GS4's.  It will take Apple 3 days and change to do the same thing.
 Got them for my daughters 5c.  All you have to do is register the iPhone with apple once they have your imei number registered you just go log into the iTunes Store with your apple id and the apps will say "FREE" on the price and you just down load them. The registration is completed automatically when you turn your iPhone on and set it up in iTunes for the first time.
 There still throwing Apple under the bus.  These douche bags will never admit that they are utter failures and completely wrong.  Instead they will just change the color of the bile that they are spewing and spin Apples demise in a different way.  They will keep polishing the Apple is doomed "TURD".  No matter how much they polish it, it still is a "TURD".  There just like the little child that gets caught red handed lying and says "I didn't do that", even when you caught...
 I can tell you locally the 5c is selling very well, I bought my daughter the last yellow 5c walmart had for $79.00 (the were selling them for $20.00 off), saturday, and the sales associate there told me that they had 300 5c's and with mine sold them all.  I bought a 5s for myself and went to the apple store yesterday to buy a case for it and was told that they have sold a little over 1000 5c's and just over 1400 5s's out of that store alone.  The apple guy there said they...
They already have.  First 64 bit mobile processor (by the way that is huge and has nothing to do with the 4 gig crap people keep regurgitating), First mass marketable Capacitance fingerprint sensor that really works (not the pos atria sensor that failed in the first few months of use and was buggy at best) as well as the digitally secure enclave technology in the A7, iOS 7 first 64 bit mobile os, M7 motion co processor, Mac Pro... and the list just keeps rolling. 
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