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Because it does half of  what the apple tv does. not even close to half.
They're Doomed! I tell you! Doomed!/s:)
Actually if you read the tech columns you would find that HTC had terrible manufacturing issues getting there latest HTC one out the door it was delayed 4 times then was available for about 3 months in limited quantities.   As for samsung they just poop out plastic crap and let you worry about the problems.  With them it does not really matter because they will have a new iteration of that phone in a month anyway and call it new and improved.  What they meant to say was...
One Word, "DigiTimes".
  Look at the source "DigiTimes".  Dont ever base reality on what those morons say.
Wow as soon as I saw the source Digitimes I ended the read.   Why anyone would listen to the national inquirer of tech news is beyond me.  Actually the National Inquirer gets things right more often then Digitimes.
  You mean Anobit, and yes they did buy them out, there also building a campus in israel and hiring a ton of microelectronic engineers.  Apple already uses anobit's memory controller in the iPhone and iPad and iPod, that is the main reason they bought them.  They have one of the most power miserly, and fastest memory controllers available. The key to anobits controller is that it extends flash memory's life.   Here is a good article on what they got from the Anobit...
Shamsungs management blows goats
Did you even read the article?  Cook asked the board to pay him for his performance, if Apple does not meet expectations he has his incentive stock option pay reduce.  He looses money.  What CEO of any corporation that you can name would do that to his pay?  And what control does he have over a poor performing stock market, over a 2 day decline?  The NASDAQ has lost 7.4% this week in an overall decline.
Another Oh lets register so I can make a single negative post for my first post, troll/shill.
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