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Other than the 5 and 5S have a totally different taller and much thinner body, (aluminum not glass)  and a 4" screen not a 3.5" screen and a different connector.  No there exactly the same.
Im thinking he meant that the Watch only works as a companion with the Note 3. Wont work with the S4 as a companion.
Fingerprint sensor didn't happen.  
Im a match subscriber and forgot to turn on match in iTunes and was listening to music and an audio ad for Metalica came up.  It really was not that annoying.  I think people who don't want to pay the free version of iTunes Radio is going to be a very good thing.
Sad thing too about the Gear is it is only a companion or interacts with the Galaxy Note III only.  It won't work with any other Galaxy phones.  What a fugly wrist phone.
Lol you mean that phone strapped to your wrist?/sAnd its tethered to the Galaxy Note III only for interactive functions, it won't work with there regular phones.
Motorola's implementation of the fingerprint sensor was horrible.  Most of them quit working the first month after owning the phone due to the fact that the sensor had no cover on it and was so gummed up from dirt and touching it it was useless.  Apples sensor that was bought with the purchase of authentec allows for the sensor to use rf to read below the skin to see living tissue and can't be fooled like the motorola version, also because of the rf read ability it can be...
Actually there were 2.  The iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S. So that does make a trend. Both were introduced in-between.  As in 3, 3GS, 4.4, 4S, and 5.
They held the iPhone 5 event in the Apple Town Hall Theater on Apples Campus last time.  So no I would not read a thing into that.
Correct it turns off all radios.
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