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    Reset your network settings only reboot the phone and renter your wifi id and password. that has always fixed it for me.  I had similar problems to what you describe and this helped.
 I doubt that samsung would file for bankruptcy, but it would hurt.  At last count apple is an $8 billion a year customer to samsung and one of there largest customers, so yes it would hurt but samsungs IM division makes the least amount of money for them.  Most of there money is in there mobile division..  Having said that I dont think that samsung would  like loosing an $8 billion a year customer like apple.
 They haven't.  Intels foundries are the most advanced in the world, Micron is one of the worlds biggest memory suppliers and is in a joint venture with intel making memory under the name IM Flash.  IM Flash has a huge memory fab just 10 miles from my house its a 20nm process which is very advanced.  IBM builds some of the worlds most advanced Processors too with there Power architecture as well.  No one really hears about it because there chips are mostly used in...
As I have no doubt you will see what you want to see too, and they say exactly what I think they do. If all those phones are in channel inventory, tell me where does the revenue come from in that the report? I guess they didn't make the money they say they did and they just lied about that too. The profit they report didn't come from those iPhones . They just made that up to just to skew the numbers.
 I did provide the link but your not willing to accept that apple does not lie on there 10Q filing.  So this exorcise is completely pointless because no matter what I say you will not believe it.I will just leave it at this you believe what you want to and I will believe what I want to. The rest is a waste of time.
 Apple acutally reports sales to end customers in there filings and always has.  Not channel inventory. They dont even count online sales  for there opening weekends on devices and dont count the devices that are in transit to there end customers until there signed for as sales. Tell me this do you ever see apple buying back inventory?  From channel partners? No.  They dont have to there sold.
 BS.  These are sales to end customers, and if you want to go there, Tim cook told us that channel inventory was at about 2 weeks for the iPhone 5 before the launch of the 5s. Also this is for Q3 which has already ended.  3 months ago. Also the proof is in the revenue apple reports as well.  If these units are in channel inventory then were does the money there reporting come from? Do they just make up the revenue?  Lie on there 10Q filing? I think not.
Yes it does.Page 27 lists unit sales for all apple products with the header:One reason that "Actual results could differ materially from those estimates" is because while this form is being prepared the number could change, Apple is just covering there legal bases to say that "at the time of this filing" this was our number, but it could change by time you get this document (as in going up slightly).   
 Air Drop.  Also they do make usb adapters.
 Sure.  No android manufacturer releases actual sales numbers at all, nor do they release shipped numbers either.  This is a fact.  This means that most of these "shipped" tablets are sitting on store shelves waiting to be sold or in warehouses waiting to be shipped to a buying customer.  They are in "channel inventory".  So these surveys are useless because analysts are guessing on how many actually made it to customers hands.  Contrast that with Apples approach.  Apple...
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