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  Actually I am.  Almost 99% of chip fabs including Samsung buy there equipment from highly specialized companies that make the equipment for them  here is a good site to look at literally thousands of companies most people never hear of who manufacture "Wafer" machines and support equipment. http://www.semiconductor-manufacturing.net/Semiconductor-Equipment-Manufacturers.htm   Another good link is the Semiconductors Standards Organizations web page too  http://www.semi.org/
The ITC is not a court.  To quote Florian Mueller of Foss Patents speaking about the veto in his article  http://www.fosspatents.com/2013/08/yes-we-frand-various-pending-itc.html :   He quotes the Veto letter from Mr. Froman to the ITC, that in fact Samsung can still seek fair royalties in court.  They just can't extort patent hold up with SEP's.  Thats when he makes the above comment that the White House can veto the ITC because it is not a court and not part of the...
Judging from your 6 posts and your comment you have no clue what your talking about.  If you actually did some intelligent reading instead of being a troll, you might learn that the company your defending has just about the worst moral compass a company can have.  Samsung is run by a cartel of convicted felons including there CEO.  What there doing with FRAND SEP's will hurt every company including Apple that has legitimate patents.  Its call Patent Hold Up.  Go read and...
I agree what the hell is up with these stupid articles.  They single apple out but don't mention that foxconn and pegatron and a myriad of other companies assemble products for companies  like lg, sony, microsoft, htc, and just about every other android and computer maker on the planet.  But we can't get the click whore bait out there if there is not an "Apple" mention in the article.
I have to disagree with you as well, I have read the statement and it is very clear that it says on page two that Mr. Froman states quoting from the DOJ and US Patent office statement of policy on FRAND that he agrees with.     To quote Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents:   Florian quotes directly from the Statement from the DOJ and Patent office on FRAND Policy.  Which Mr. Froman stated in the letter to the ITC he agrees with it, and he quotes in large portions on page 2 of...
Well Put.  Like Cook and Oppenhiemer have been saying for months major updates and new products will be introduced this fall and all through 2014, these reductions in channel inventory could and probably are a precursor to that happening.  I agree.   I would add one more thing too.  All of the press pundits and idiot analysts have been focussing on the annoyingly negative news that apple is dying because no new products are coming out but ignoring the fact that Cook and...
It was a version of haswell with there top of the line video processor , Intel’s GT3e (Iris Pro 5200).
Finally someone with a clue.  The ITC was dead wrong on there ban.  Good job on the veto.  Justice does really exist in this country.
Cherry picking where apple lost market share the last quarter for your point of view does you no credit.  Apples market share also went up in the UK, Spain, and other areas in Europe for the quarters including France if you believe surveys and analysts.   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/29/ios-phone-share-growing-faster-than-android-in-us-uk-and-france   Seams that you can cherry pick and make your own "dreamworld".
Seriously?  Please I'm laughing so hard I just hurt myself.  There is not a shred of honesty in anything you said.
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