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Well Put.  Like Cook and Oppenhiemer have been saying for months major updates and new products will be introduced this fall and all through 2014, these reductions in channel inventory could and probably are a precursor to that happening.  I agree.   I would add one more thing too.  All of the press pundits and idiot analysts have been focussing on the annoyingly negative news that apple is dying because no new products are coming out but ignoring the fact that Cook and...
It was a version of haswell with there top of the line video processor , Intel’s GT3e (Iris Pro 5200).
Finally someone with a clue.  The ITC was dead wrong on there ban.  Good job on the veto.  Justice does really exist in this country.
Cherry picking where apple lost market share the last quarter for your point of view does you no credit.  Apples market share also went up in the UK, Spain, and other areas in Europe for the quarters including France if you believe surveys and analysts.   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/29/ios-phone-share-growing-faster-than-android-in-us-uk-and-france   Seams that you can cherry pick and make your own "dreamworld".
Seriously?  Please I'm laughing so hard I just hurt myself.  There is not a shred of honesty in anything you said.
I wholeheartedly agree!   People underestimate a device or devices that will runs  days or even a full 24 hour period with no recharge.  Its one reason the new macbook airs are being raved about so much.  Because they "sip"  power and run literally all day on a charge.  Think of an iPhone you could use for a week with never touching a charger.  Apple is investing in low power chips and memory to get there products to be useable for long extended periods.
If you read DED iPad debunk of strategy analytics survey the best part is where the asshat from strategy analytics suddenly pulls out the idea of white-box tablets to beat the iPad in numbers but can't provide any real data to back it up. In other words he just made a guess and then printed it as fact. I would only rely on hard numbers but because apple is the only vendor who supplies them the analysts guess and make up fantasies numbers for android. No android vendor...
Define "Sucked" with some real info instead of a personal opinion.  Both work very well for me every day.
New Posts  All Forums: