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 To be fair iOS is based exclusively on OSX which is a full 64bit Unix OS.  The first version was called "iPhone OS" and was later switched to iOS once Apple and Cisco worked out the purchase of the iOS name from Cisco.  It is true that the first iteration of iOS was designed to run web apps but it was always based on OSX's unix core.  Here is a quote from wikipedia on iOS's History:In fact iOS runs on the Darwin Mach microkernel, same as Mac OSX.  Darwin 14.0 is running iOS7
Lol now your just making me laugh.  They had plenty of surfaces,  They had to eat $900 million worth of them in a write off. Now there giving the damn things to schools for free.  I guess the schools can always use them for door stops.
 Because it an analyst telling the story lol they can be both wrong and right at the same time. For plausible deniably reasons in the future.
Another troll runs this thread into the ground.  Wow moving on.
 You probably can.
 Go away.  The year has not ended yet.
 Actually the cases may look the same but the machined interior is laid out different because of the different components of the 5s.  Screw mounts and other things are not the same on the inside.
Agreed Apple ][.
 Problem is with that is that Apple at the time was only selling one new model phone.  4s one year and the 5.  This year there selling two.so I would expect that the announcement will come next week after the 5s sales numbers from the first weekend come in, they will probably mention the 5c too at that time.
My sentiments exactly.  If like you said they sold cheap phones there margins would suffer and wall street would get all twisted in a knot about it as well.
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