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Get a grip.  This is nothing to worry about. lol.  You sound like wallstreet scared of there own shadow.
Wow is wallstreet  that insecure?  What a bunch of foolish nervous nellies.  Seriously!  No wonder the stock market sucks so bad.  Like was said in other posts Apple will most likely announce both after the 5s opening weekend.  What a bunch of children.
 The 4Gig argument is getting old.  There are a metric crap ton of reasons for 64bit over the memory stuff.  How about bigger single instructions, (doing more with one instruction vs 32bit).  Faster to idle because of that, saving power, and accomplishing  more faster.  Those are just a few.  There are a lot more.  One of the only reasons the fingerprint sensor is so fast at reading and not slow like all of the rest of the previous ones on laptops and computers is because...
 Agreed, adoption rate for iOS is phenomenal, to say the least.  6 is at 98% right now.
 My daughter loves the blue and yellow iphone 5c and the green one too.  Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.  I think the GS4 is one of the ugliest mobile phones built today but hey that is just me.
 Even if that's true, it would be nice to have it charge without having to plug it in using photovoltaic cells wouldn't it? Edit:  Let me even add to that.  How about offsetting the battery drain even if it is a small amount, that would still be useful.  Maybe just enough power to run the M7 so that the main A7 could power completely down.  So that the M7 could handle wake functions and sensor functions while the A7 is in standby.
It fills the second spot in the iPhone line up and replaces the 5, as a medium priced phone.  Apple never told the stupid tech media that the 5C was going to be Cheap.  They just Assumed that it would be.  Stupid them.  You know what you get from assume.   Apple now has made a new phone and it will appeal to a great deal of people and they wont have to say that they bought a 1 year old phone.  And the C has several improvements over the 5.  Battery, Camera, more cell...
 Never going to happen.  Apple would not let its User Experience to be gummed up by telco's sludge.  It has never happened in any country to date and it never will.  What apple would do is allow the telco to build there own apps for install through the iTunes store, which all of the U.S. ones do right now. 
 Judging from your 2 posts here you should go back to anandtech.  Since this a stupid sight in your eyes.  and if you actually read the article you would see that DED is quoting other people that DO know what there talking about, when talking about technical issues. He even quotes Brian Klug and Anand Lal Shimpi's reactions to the new A7 and they were impressed.
 The point is that if samsung putting out there flagship phone the gs4 don't use the very fastest processor the exynos of there own design, it basically means they have no faith in there own architecture.  So no its not uniformed.  You would think they would want there most prestigious device to be the fastest and most capable device they sell everywhere. So yes there is a lot new to see here.
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