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It worked for you.  Apples implementation of 3D maps is infinitely better.  The images are far more detailed.  Goolges images look like a child drew them with a crayon in most cases.
And what you are saying here is purely area problems.  Google has just as many cities and areas in the world that have piss poor directions and piss poor implementation of POI's as well and like the article showed Googles maps have far more graphic flaws that just have not been fixed in 7+ years.  I have suffered through them where I live.  Where I live Apple Maps is far better.
Then instead of having to push a button to get it why not just make it work all the time what a stupid way for google to implement that.
Go spend 29 bucks and buy ATV Flash.  It does all of that and more on your apple tv and is very stable and fast   Here is a link to Fircore's website. http://firecore.com
Problem with that is it wont work on the authentic sensor.  It reads the layer of living tissue under the outer dead skin with radio waves and cant be spoofed with a dead finger.
Because it does half of  what the apple tv does. not even close to half.
They're Doomed! I tell you! Doomed!/s:)
Actually if you read the tech columns you would find that HTC had terrible manufacturing issues getting there latest HTC one out the door it was delayed 4 times then was available for about 3 months in limited quantities.   As for samsung they just poop out plastic crap and let you worry about the problems.  With them it does not really matter because they will have a new iteration of that phone in a month anyway and call it new and improved.  What they meant to say was...
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