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Munster will have a coronary and die if apple brings out a full television.  I think the guys stuck in a rut so deep he can't get out now.
 I know your being sarcastic but Google after buying Motorola put out a letter saying they endorsed Motorola's actions 100% and would pursue there FRAND extortion without any changes.  Read:  http://www.fosspatents.com/2012/02/google-letter-to-standards-bodies.htmlAlso for those that think Mueller is bias he includes the actual letter that google sent the european union endorsing all of motorola's actions including the extortionist rate for 1 frand patent of 2.25% of the...
They also introduced slow mode too which the galaxy S4 does as well.  My Nikon does video slow mode too.  Its not funny that apple introduced this because it is giving users more benefits which is what apple is all about.  They said it a lot of times in the keynote, that they add features that will improve the user experience.  Hell if you want to get technical shamesung introduced a full touch screen phone and copied the first iPhones UI after the first iPhone came out.
 Did shamesung copy every SLR cameras burst mode?   SLR's have all been capable of multiple picts very quickly for years and years.  My Nikon does the exact same thing.  So no apple didn't copy shamesungs burst mode.  If anything they copied SLR manufactures burst modes.
And what they said was in fact correct. Looking at just smart phones apple has 43% of the us market compared to android at 52%. So when saying that smart phones comprise 56% of the entire phone market (dumb and smart phones) 25% of all phones would be about right.
For those discussing whether or not the iPhone boxes have the iPhones displaying background art on the phones here are my boxes.   Clearly you can see the 3G is the only one that did not have a background displayed on the iPhone.   Never owned a 3GS so I could not say without looking it up.
 no the animation is on the desktop screen as well.
Other than the 5 and 5S have a totally different taller and much thinner body, (aluminum not glass)  and a 4" screen not a 3.5" screen and a different connector.  No there exactly the same.
Im thinking he meant that the Watch only works as a companion with the Note 3. Wont work with the S4 as a companion.
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