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I would think that 99% of the time there bogus, and if they come from "digitimes" there 100% bogus.
LOL  I concur.
I could not agree with you more Googles own stats on screen size areas are so vague that there really not worth posting.  Its just like the "shipped" numbers from android manufacturers, they really dont mean anything when compared to actual "sold" numbers we get from apple.     One other edit:  I think the numbers are vague on purpose as well.  
This doesn't surprise me, samsung just makes the user think there doing them a favor by putting the sd card slot in like its a feature that is great. Its not. First like the article mentions above no apps on the sd card and second what the article does not mention sd is a ton slower than built in nand flash. I really mean a lot slower. Do a web search for sd speed versus built in nand flash. The results will surprise you with how much slower sd cards are. For example...
Spagetti approach, make 15 different versions of the same thing and throw them at the wall.  See which one sticks and sell it for 5% margin.
Oh please, this is about the stupidest comparison I have ever seen.  There is a huge difference between an npe (none practicing entity) aka "patent troll" and samsung.  NPE's make all there money buying others patents then suing everyone for cash, Samsung makes all there money Copying Apple and ripping off there ip.   The difference is that one has no product and never will the other does and copies without conscience.
Apple is  not eliminating there Mac Pro line.  Which is what all the talk here has been about, the new Mac Pro that Tim Cook said would happen this year.
That would be outstanding
Actually shortly after Tim told the user that there would be a new mac pro an apple spokes person confirmed there would be to Forbes:     Article here:  http://www.macrumors.com/2012/06/12/apple-spokesperson-confirms-new-mac-pro-and-imac-designs-likely-coming-in-2013/
New Posts  All Forums: