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Lol are you kidding?  You are the product at google. They have been caught so many times for harvesting there customers info and selling it without permission what you said was laughable.
Yes he goes by another name and serves on googles board, Eric Schmidt
The watches on horrible back order are the space grey sport and the space grey stainless, if you ordered one of those 2 you will have a wait.I ordered a space grey sport with black band 3 mins after midnight on day one and finally got mine last Wednesday.  It was scheduled for may 13th through the 27th.  For all those winning you received your scheduled date when you ordered so stop whining.  If you did not like the date you were given then you should have cancelled right...
The fact of the matter is that erricson wanted there fees to be based on the end product price not the chip inside the iPhone that uses there patent.  Sounds to me that erricson is being the dick here not apple
Ah MCX can't die fast enough. Having trouble on the home front, Gee thats too bad.
Read the article it said that the 376,000 represented 22% of watches ordered. Over the first weekend.
Oh BS. Prove this info, sounds just like someone who owns tidal is spreading rumors because of a bombed launch. I have used tidal and it sucks.
No its an S1.  But the equivalent in processing power some are thinking to an A5
Just because the guy retires does not mean final cut is done lol. You need to chill out.  There is more that one person on the final cut team.And people do have the right to retire, or do you want to work for the rest of your life till they put you in a box.
This is the same Obama that let comcast buy nbc/universal lol
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