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I tunes match does not upload all of your library just the songs not in apples library online, if they have the song in there library online yours does not get uploaded.  The chances that you would have 25000 songs that are not in apples library are extremely remote.
Because force touch measures the "force" being applied, not the duration. On my Watch hard presses are not longer than say a tap.  So no there not the same. You could actually  have long presses too or long presses with more force too.
Pretty much anything you spend money on with the exception of basics, food, shelter and family are things you don't need.  So I would have to agree with your sentiment on that.  I bought an Watch because I use it for running and it is an excellent fitness tracker which will only get better with native apps an WatchOS 2.  All the rest it does is gravy for me, I especially like Apple Pay with it. 
Here is a text grab off  ATT's Website:Note the installment number vs. the trade in and upgrade number.  If you complete the full installment of each plan you own the phone outright.Heres the link to the page I got this from :http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/next.html
There are 3 Next  plans 12, 18, and 24.  on the 12 plan you can either trade your phone in and loose all the payments you made on it to get a new phone at 12 months (give your phone to att and loose your investment), or on the 12 plan you can pay the full term of the phone off till you own it which is 20 payments. After those 20 payments you own the phone.  on next 18 you can trade in your phone for a new one at 18 months or own it after 24 payments.  On next 24 you can...
Lol are you kidding?  You are the product at google. They have been caught so many times for harvesting there customers info and selling it without permission what you said was laughable.
Yes he goes by another name and serves on googles board, Eric Schmidt
The watches on horrible back order are the space grey sport and the space grey stainless, if you ordered one of those 2 you will have a wait.I ordered a space grey sport with black band 3 mins after midnight on day one and finally got mine last Wednesday.  It was scheduled for may 13th through the 27th.  For all those winning you received your scheduled date when you ordered so stop whining.  If you did not like the date you were given then you should have cancelled right...
The fact of the matter is that erricson wanted there fees to be based on the end product price not the chip inside the iPhone that uses there patent.  Sounds to me that erricson is being the dick here not apple
Ah MCX can't die fast enough. Having trouble on the home front, Gee thats too bad.
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