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 I concur, A top end Mac Pro with all the bells and whistles is right now $9599.00.  I highly doubt the watch even the gold edition will be that high.  I would believe 5k but not 10k.
If you look at the one in the video in this article it has a spinning laser on the front and the rear and there both spinning.  So I would think that is is a precision mapping vehicle.
Maynard Um is a moron, He is the same douche that is bearish on Apple right now and is one of the lowest stock price estimates out there, in fact I think that he  has already been upside down 2 or 3 times in january.  Anyone that would follow his stock price forecasts is equally stupid.
I love these articles¡  "Unnamed Sources Say".  What a bunch of baloney, just wait till the damn thing ships and then find out how it really is.  Then make a decision.  That's what I will do, if it doesn't cut it then the second gen version will probably be the one to buy.
lol fadell has become a glasshole¡
Tell me how could your iPhone "loose there stuff"  because of reinstalling the os?  Do you back up or did the individuals back there devices to there computer or iCloud?  Sounds to me if anyone you know lost there "stuff"  They don't have a clue how to back up and do a proper restore.  I have not lost any of my "stuff" do to upgrades ever. My first iPhone was the 3gs.  I currently have a 6.  This lawsuit is utter bull s$@t and the people who are pursuing this know it they...
I guess people are really that stupid.  You can say the same for every computer and device on the planet. Including all smart phones tablets and computers from any manufacturer.  So why don't we make a class action against ever single one of those all at once?  What a stupid and utter waste of the courts time.
And he has never denied that Corrections is him.  So what is your point?  He does not have your posts deleted, does he?  Because you post your view.  He has a right to defend b.s. that is directed at him just like you have the right to speak your mind too.
If you had read the article it was not about the merits of Apple iPads vs. Chromebooks but it was an article about the falsehoods and lies that are spread by IDC on behalf of its paying clients to skew the numbers (to lie about, to loose numbers or to just overlook the truth) to show there paying clients products in a more favored light than there competitors product.  That is IDC's business to make it look like there clients are winning even when there not. Daniel even...
 Actually Apples touch ID will work from behind the screen Apple has a patent for just that.  So theoretically Apple could put the Touch ID in the screen, if they wanted too and there by make the iPhone shorter by a lot by removing the home button.
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