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Read the article it said that the 376,000 represented 22% of watches ordered. Over the first weekend.
Oh BS. Prove this info, sounds just like someone who owns tidal is spreading rumors because of a bombed launch. I have used tidal and it sucks.
No its an S1.  But the equivalent in processing power some are thinking to an A5
Just because the guy retires does not mean final cut is done lol. You need to chill out.  There is more that one person on the final cut team.And people do have the right to retire, or do you want to work for the rest of your life till they put you in a box.
This is the same Obama that let comcast buy nbc/universal lol
My safari plays them flawlessly. You must have something going wrong on your mac.
once the cards are verified the apple watch gets a unique device id just like iPhone and does not need the phone after that for apple pay
Were talking ssd not a normal hard drive here actually 2999 is really a decent price considering the 1350 MB transfer rate and thats not theoretical, that is real world.  You obviously have not looked at professional raid systems for video there very expensive. I have on my 2013 mac pro a Promise Pegasus 2 R4 with thunderbolt 2 and it  is super fast, but will set you back 1400.00 for the 8 terabyte version with western digital RE4 enterprise drives.  The drives are matched...
Your taking Munster seriously?  Really?  This is the guy that still has delusions of an Apple Television. LOL.  No one here has to apologize for apple either. They need no apology.
Real world on usb is much lower. Uncompressed 4k requires 9.2Gb/s nominal. Of course compressed requires much less but I deal with uncompressed and USB C would not handle that at all.
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