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Wow Really?@#@$! Where do these patent troll slugs come from?
Wow so anyone who uses and iPad is only average, in your eyes, and not "actual talented people" and are people "who can produce little with their time" and are only Average "joe".What a pathetic opinion. To assume that everyone who buys any "dumbed down apple device" is incapable of being talented is beyond belief and reprehensible.
It needs to have a stylus! It is not a true tablet unless it includes a stylus. Gates is still just as clueless now as he was back years ago with his needs to have a stylus argument.
In fact the first hyperlink patent was applied for in 1976 and granted in 1989.U.S. patent number 4,873,662, filed in the U.S. in 1976 and granted in 1989. It was filed by Desmond J. Sargent, and involved the way information is displayed on a computer terminal, and that information's relationship and interaction with material it connects to on another computer.By the way this patent has not one thing to do with apples patent on making text link or perform actions or dial...
Problem with that strategy is that google has already tried that and lost. They gave 8 patents to HTC and the ITC threw all 8 patents that google gave them out. Saying that google did not have the right to do that because of the way they were given to HTC. Google basically gave HTC the right to license the patent to anyone and enforce the patent rights but somehow through the wording of the patents kept ownership. The ITC judge said that was not legal. Then he threw...
The problem is with munsters argument is that he is compairing direct text input to an ai on a computer for accuracy. Its not a fair comparison. The text input comes from a human being, the other is a computer ai that is doing astoundingly well from recognizing voice input and then analyzing what you mean or want. Siri will get more accurate with time. It already is.
True they have not directly sued anyone yet but, because of there letter to the European Union that after acquiring motorola they will continue to pursue motorola's illegal use of frand patents to get competitors to give in, they are in fact suing now. Because motorola is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Google. So in fact google is suing apple and microsoft. Not only that they have stated in letters to the EU and the DOJ that they agree with Motorola's extortionist...
Tim Cook on the Patent Wars:and on others copying apple says it all:He posed the question just before that:He also said that if at all possible he is willing to settle these court cases but competitors would have to quit copying in order for that to happen.
Actually the lawyers for both moto google and samsung are some of the finest patent lawyers in the nation, from the law firm Quinn Emanuel.
The A5 is not a samsung chip. It is manufactured to apples specs by samsung but samsung has nothing to do with its design
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