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The problem is with munsters argument is that he is compairing direct text input to an ai on a computer for accuracy. Its not a fair comparison. The text input comes from a human being, the other is a computer ai that is doing astoundingly well from recognizing voice input and then analyzing what you mean or want. Siri will get more accurate with time. It already is.
True they have not directly sued anyone yet but, because of there letter to the European Union that after acquiring motorola they will continue to pursue motorola's illegal use of frand patents to get competitors to give in, they are in fact suing now. Because motorola is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Google. So in fact google is suing apple and microsoft. Not only that they have stated in letters to the EU and the DOJ that they agree with Motorola's extortionist...
Tim Cook on the Patent Wars:and on others copying apple says it all:He posed the question just before that:He also said that if at all possible he is willing to settle these court cases but competitors would have to quit copying in order for that to happen.
Actually the lawyers for both moto google and samsung are some of the finest patent lawyers in the nation, from the law firm Quinn Emanuel.
The A5 is not a samsung chip. It is manufactured to apples specs by samsung but samsung has nothing to do with its design
wow 30 billion a year lol if you divide that out. That is a lot of money.
Googles math is very fuzzy, so this means that if it continues this way google should have 700 million devices activated by the end of this year I really dont believe these numbers, for instance what about returns, broken phones, upgrades to the os and many other possibilities. Not one android phone or device vendor will tell you actual numbers, they will only say "shipped". Apple actually does tell you real "sold" numbers in there quarterly filings there the only...
I got my iPhone 4 super hot on a 100 degree summer day here in the west, and the phone came up with a warning and said it was too hot and shut down, I dont see why the galaxy SIII can't do the same. I would hope that samsung would be smart enough to protect its customers buy hey who knows. I know that apple does for sure because of the above example.
  Apple is not stealing samsungs tech, Samsung wanted 2.24 % of the total revenue from the end products of the iPhone 4 , iPad and iPhone 3GS, no company in there right mind would agree to such extortion.  What the court just said was that samsung will get the royalties they deserve for the chip inside made by qualcomm that uses there patent, which amounts to about 25 cents to 50 cents per chip not the 2.24% they were asking of the price of the entire iPhone which is...
Wow where do dorks like schuemer come from? The us military and CIA have had technology better than this for years and he's worried about pictures from air planes? Current weather satellites can read the name on a pack of smokes from 150 miles up and military satellites are 100 times more sofisticated than they are. The us government can keyhole or move them for surveillance any time they want to. There is not one square inch of this planet that has not been phtographed...
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