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nice touch Tsar Bomba  that was about what happened in this case (huge ip nuke lol)
According to an article I read last night the average price for Shamsung's  and Apples lawyers is around $1200 an hour.  There making a huge killing on all of this patent litigation.
But the fact remains that apple does not set those prices the publishers do, apple takes there usual 30% nothing more.  I doubt apple cares about the small resellers either but if amazon is the only place left because the DOJ puts there stupid lawsuit through, It is the small resellers and the independent publishers, and independent authors that will suffer from an amazon monopoly again.  Even Senators have come out against this lawsuit.  It is stupid.  I agree with you...
Prices went up because the publishers put the prices where they wanted them.  Not where amazon did to sell them below wholesale.  Apple had and has nothing to do with the price of ebooks on the ibook store the publishers do.  Apple just takes there normal 30% cut for hosting and distribution.  Just like they do with music and with movies and with the app store.
Just look at the source on this article  "Digitimes"  who have been wrong so many times I have lost track. Why does anyone quote this rag anymore?
Um if you have been following the case the publishers did get together about this but apple was not present at that meeting and have said so in public.  The only thing apple is guilty of is allowing the publishers to set there own prices for there books on the apple ibook store.   I would also argue that the publishers only put the book prices back where they wanted them because amazon was selling them below wholesale which garners amazon  business by attracting customers...
Exactly you hit the nail on the head.  The price is set by the author and the publisher and has not one thing to do with paper/print version or electronic.  All apple was doing was letting the publishers set the prices for there books and authors represented by them and taking its usual 30% cut nothing more.  The doj are idiots and are wasting taxpayers money.
That is absolutely incorrect apple bought 3 semiconductor companies and brought there entire staffs in-house.  The A series chips are designed completely in house by apple and start from an  ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore CPU to which apple adds custom layout and other silicon to  such as the PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU with NEON SIMD accelerator and an "earSmart" unit from Audience for noise canceling.  Plus custom memory effects and pipes for there particular application, ARM holdings...
I dont think they will be hung either, I think that apple will win the bulk of there case while loosing some things to samsung, say something like 70% rulings in favor of apple and 30% samsung even though from the evidence i have seen samsung deserves to have there head handed to them on a silver platter.
If you listen to Samscum  Apple doesnt invent anything and if by chance Apple does and it becomes popular then it becomes the defacto standard and everyone including samsuck can copy it just because it is popular.  What a dishonest company.
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