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You mean google treated apple users like crap because it told apple that turn by turn and mass transit and pedestrian traffic and traffic reroutes were android only and meant to differentiate the android app from the apple app therefore placing all apple users at the short end of the stick?  I thought so.  Google has always made it no secret why apple users got a crappy version of there data no matter who made the app they did it so they could say android had an advantage...
Ha Ha or like the iPad just call it the new iPhone lol.
You are absolutely right.   The court case in california the jury ruled that qualcomm had paid the license fee and due to the contract that qualcomm had with samsung they could not sue any of qualcomms customers that buy there chips, also they found in favor of apple on the double dipping clause as well you cant charge twice for the same patent its against the law, the term is "patent exhaustion".  If this were not the case anyone who makes a product could sue anyone who...
Lol agreed
What a moronic idiot lol. He deserves every bit of the jail time he gets.
you can't use voice and data at the same time now with verizon, you can with att, its not the iPhones fault its the carriers fault I wish these sensational click bate pieces would be dropped in favor for new original news pieces. Articles like these are a waste of bandwidth.
    agreed one of the chip shavers will pull the top off the A6 and then we will know for sure.  Apple sure has not said whats in it.  But really what does all this matter anyway if the processor is twice as fast  and meets the needs of the phone for apple and customers, does it really matter what clock speed it is and how many cores it has and which cores it has?  Not really lol.
Just checked on qualcomms sight the s4's currently use quad cortex a7 cores.
I agree at this point it is pure speculation time will tell, one of the chip slicer companies will peel the top of an a6 and then we will know for sure untill then like you said it is speculation and click bate   But I would be very suprised if apple was not using the cortex a15 cores because the a5 in the iPhone 4s is using the cortex a9's and the iPhone 5 is 1.7 to 2.1 times faster than the 4S
New Posts  All Forums: