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Apple has also become its own CDN and recently launched this for iCloud and all of its iTunes services.  See some good articles here and here. Apple has spent 100 million with local isp's to prioritize its iTunes and iCloud traffic already.   The according to the articles and many more have in place the ability to move MASSIVE amounts of data with the infrastructure and deals with ISP's they have already put into place.  They know how to play the game.
No rage here and I read just fine. You said "because the most inane stupid comments on anyone's feed come from under-educated conservatives".  Maybe you need to read what you said.  I stand by my first post. There are stupid comments from both sides.
I believe you were thinking of the 4s.  Which was 3 years ago.
Then don't read his articles.
That is a pretty rude comment as well insinuating that conservatives are under-educated  what a stupid arrogant remark.  Liberals make just as many stupid remarks too.  There are stupid and illiterate people on both sides of the isle.
I would have to say no too.  I have listened to the analyst buffoons over the years and the sycophant news media berate, belittle, denigrate and outright lie about apple over the years.  There is never enough positive Apple news to combat the flood of crappy information used to smear Apples products and its users.  Never enough.  It never changes too. No matter how successful Apple is there always according to the pundits at any given time lacking innovation, going out of...
Actually they start to throttle you at 3GB read here. Click the link on that page that says "About reduced data speeds"
Problem with your argument is that ATT just announced that they would throttle only grandfathered plans just this last year.  This throttling does not affect other plans that are limited.  It also does not affect current more costly unlimited plans.  Only grandfathered plans.  I have 3 phones on plans that were grandfathered from before october 1st, 2009, and because of a court order ATT can not cancel these plans.  I was told this by ATT.  The throttling started just last...
Exactly!  If you knew you would win money would not be a problem because you would recoup any lawyers fees in the end.  Talk is extremely cheap.  GTAT just comes off as a bunch of sour loud mouth whiners that could not provide what they promised.  Like has been said here by others, they knew the details of the contract going in and should never have signed it if they did not like the language in the contract.  Apple has every right to hold them to there contract.  Apple...
Ok. I stand corrected, thanks for the clarification, but the contactless payment would seem to be more secure because your not using your pin which in my case with Target and Home Depot was compromised.  My bank even told me so.  At any rate Rite Aid and CVS are stupid for forcing there customers into "there way" of payment.  Its has been my experience that if given an ultimatum most customers will choose the best option (Pay) and leave the other (MCX) out in the cold.
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