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Good for Apple.  Any company doing there job should minimize there taxes its there job to do that for the shareholders.  If Australia wants more tax legislate and close the holes that allowed that money to slip through.
The iPhone 4 and 4s
Its a piss poor counter argument.  iOS is lightyears more secure, and were like others said here only on version 7.0.6, not even version 7.1.  That is still in beta.  At least apple updates its os, and gets it immediately to end users.  Unlike droid with which its anyones crap shoot when you get your update if ever once it gets past the carriers, chip manufacturers and hardware companies for approval. What a joke.  The difference in updates between iOS and Android are the...
Truth hurts 
truth confirmed nothing more.
Actually current core i5's and 7's and Xeons all have processors that run above 3Ghz some up to 3.9Ghz.  Intel slowed down the Megahertz Race on its own to focus on power consumption.  The current plan they have in place is that for every 100 Megahertz rise they reduce power consumption by 1%.  They are doing just that with the only processes in the world that can produce 10 nanometer wafers. And there working on 4nm and 2nm currently. As for there mobile processors, the...
Problem is with that scheme is  "Microsoft will slash Windows licensing feesby 70 percent for low-cost hardware manufacturers", not end users that would like to buy one off the shelves.  To us it is still $200.00 for a current copy of windows.  It does the end user no good.  Microsoft is a dead company walking, and especially if they allow droid apps to run on there phones.  With Apple and Gurgle giving OSX and Crome away for free Microsoft is being hit from both sides in...
They are.  Remember Eric T. Moles Motto about privacy "We like to get right up to the creepy line".  You could not pay me to have anything google on my computer. 
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