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The 2013 and all new macs except for the new macbook have thunderbolt 2 ports with 20 Gbit/s thunderbolt.  That is a huge difference when dealing with 4k.  USB-C will never handle that.  Thunderbolt 3 will be released this year (Alpine Ridge) with PCIe 3.0 with backwards compatability to thunderbolt 2 and 1 and will offer 40Gbit/s  (5GBs). And the ability to drive two external 4k displays at 60hz or 1 5k. Intel is on track to release Skylake architecture chips this year. 
There is a company releasing a new blood sugar monitor that is a companion to the apple watch, soon I just read I wish I could remember where.Dexcom is the company.
They did most reports said that apple watch would launch last year but it ended up being delayed till april this year.  Even apple themselves said that they wanted the extra time to work on squeezing as much battery time out of the watch as possible.
Lol order my space grey aluminum 2 mins after 1200 pacific time and its 4 to 6 weeks expected delivery date.
You have to then show that qr code back to the point of sale terminal. If your mobile device is not connected to the internet the sale won't go through, its beyond inconvenient and the most archaic thing i have seen. Let alone allowing these businesses to have my bank account attached to there service just so they can save credit card fees and put the responsibility of fraudulent payments on me.
Um hes agreeing with you. That the Roku has more content.
it does not need gps to track you as christy turlington burns has said in her blog on apples sight. To quote her words:
Lol Im a serious runner and run with my iPhone every day.  What utter bs.  I put the iPhone in an arm holster and run with it to track gps, and the watch does not need your phone to track  you.  If you have been watching christy turlington burns on apples web sight you would know that.  She stated that after a few runs with the phone and watch together that you don't need the phone anymore and actually says that the watch is very accurate. No personal attack here but you...
You nailed the troll line perfectly.  In other words no matter how it does they will claim failure.  How many times have we heard this same crap.  Every time Apple launches a new product.  Every time.
Don't forget too that the 5s had the A7 as well the first 64 bit mobile processor and also the first 64 mobile iOS.  Those were major updates as well.
New Posts  All Forums: