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Keep living in that fantasy, most of those devices are usb dongles and dumb phones that have no functionality at all.
Your confused.  Mobile sales made up as the article says nearly 29% of online sales.  out of that 29% iOS took 83% and android took 4.6%.The rest was split up between the other mobile os's. The rest of online sales were by computer which took up 71% of online sales.
They failed right there when they said "swipe sensor".  I had one on a motorola atrix and they sucked.  It was a phone for work..  Good luck with that LG.
Oh another one of you 4 Gig people.  This theory has already been discussed ad nauseum, there are huge benefits of a 64 bit processor the least of which is addressing more that 4 Gig of memory.  Anand La Shimpi says so as do others more knowledgeable than you.  You should stop reading the android blogs because this is there favorite line.   Heck even Qualcomm retracted there Senior VP idiots statement as being false for claiming the same thing and demoted him.  There a...
Retrain it. Mine is rock solid and works every time.
Problem with this is they don't state numbers.  They could be selling 100 kindles a day, and on christmas day they sell 2400.  Apple meanwhile is selling 200000 a day and jumped to 400000.  Just meaningless click bait.
You left out what he said before that, that if judge Koe were to grant a stay it would stay the entire case to including the damages case.Basically the judge goofed and did not stay the case, at the proper time.  He also says that it makes more sense to grant Apple an injunction too then a stay for samsung. As for tap to zoom and rubber banding thats not what he said. He said that by itself these  patents would not alter buying decisions but groups of them together do, and...
Troll much?  You hit all the basic tenants of trolling.  You own apple products (as somehow this makes you an authority),  Apple does not innovate anymore, and apple should just concentrate on products rather that suing your employer.
Apple is an OEM card maker for both nvidia and amd.  They make there own upgrades just like in the past for Mac pros.  Im sure if there is enough call for them they will bring out upgrades like in the past.  Im running an apple 5770 radeon upgrade in my current mac pro right now. But like was said be prepared for sticker shock and to have your wallet thinned substantially.  Remember you will be buying 2 cards.
Apples website does show a 3.7 Ghz quad core 
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