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If you read her blog she said exactly that:So the Watch learns in conjuntion with your iPhone and then works well alone.
So this whole review is based on geek bench scores on a lenovo yoga 3.  The reviewer even says that the macbook has not been released yet but bases his review on a competitors notebook running windows 8.   Can we base reviews on shipping products?  By the way anyone expecting to run photoshop or pro software on this kind of machine is always going to be disappointed, you run pro software on a pro machine like the Macbook Pro.  Note books are meant to be small and light...
You are dead on.  As I said in my other post, I am a runner and the watch by itself will track your distance through the accelerometer just like the nike+ sensor did for your shoe.  All without your iPhone.
 Did you watch the keynote?  Obviously not.  You can run with the apple watch without the phone and it tracks your time, distance moved, pace, heart rate and many other functions completely without your phone.  The phone is only needed for gps and nfc and phone calls.  When back in range with your phone it reports that data to the health app on the phone.  Please stop spreading FUD and misinformation.Im a runner and very excited about the watch and will buy one when it...
Apple has made it easier to manage apps with family sharing, it works great.  All of the apps my kids want to buy on there devices have to be approved by me or my wife.  It works very well.  I think the same kind of thing would work very well for school districts too, having the admin approve all app purchases or installs.  I think this sounds just like an extension of that functionality that is already in iOS 8. From Apples website:
Of course they are. There running scared and want to start unfounded rumors supported by vacuous conclusions with no facts at all.
So then this Rolex Cellini Prince is a "geeky calculator watch/gadget boy" That doesn't say elegant¡ Only "the round watch says traditional elegant"¡ There are dozens and dozens of very elegant rectangular watches that cost thousands. lol Or how about this square faced cellini princeBut all elegant watches have to be round¡
Lol so far current C is.  It has been in limited beta now for about a year.  Anyone who would want to use that archaic method of payment deserves what they get.  Worst part of it is that to fully utilize current c you have to give them your bank account number.  What a crock.
I am a republican, and I don't care what political party you belong  to if you want an education you can get one and earn one yourself.Both my son and my daughter earned and worked there way through college.  I am a blue collar worker and could not afford to "give them an education but saying it is a republican notion that everyone can get an education is complete baloney.  I have democratic or as they like to be called "progressive" neighbors that believe the same thing...
Samsung Engineers don't "make the A9" in any way shape or form.  Apple engineers "make the A9"  and samsung's chip fab "manufactures the apple designed A chips" nothing more. Actually now that I think of it I would probably say that samsung engineers because they have apples design on the a series chips probably rip off apples engineers designs of the A series.
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