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What a disingenuous and misleading statement.   Apple infringed on a patent that samsung bought six months before the trial from another company.  Lol.  The article acts like samsung designed this patent.  They didn't they bought it so they could countersue apple because they had nothing to go to trial with.  In fact the patent was only mentioned in the closing arguments for a brief few minutes which goes to show that samsung really didn't care about it other than to save...
Do you really think the iPhone was just a bunch of ideas "scribble down" while drinking a latte? It was 5 years in development and thousands of man hours.  And because your misinformed let me correct you on the oft incorrectly used Apple copied Xerox meme.  Apple did not copy xerox.They were invited to PARC research at Xerox where Xerox had very very early and crude versions of a GUI and using a very crude object oriented point and click environment on a computer that was...
Apple has yet to include the S4 or the S5.  They tried with the S4 but the Judge would not allow it in this trial.  It has nothing to do with not getting much mileage, when in your vernacular the car has not even left the garage and started driving down the road for those models yet (as in there have been no lawsuits allowed on the S4 or S5 yet).
Here is the ruling read for yourself before you accuse DED.  http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/97979282?access_key=key-2fxyxlkc91re893ri4u5&allow_share=true&escape=false&view_mode=scroll He did in fact suggest exactly what Dilger said.
Lets not forget the 2013 Mac Pro.  Its a major engineering feat and I own one.  It is an amazingly fast and compact computer.
No its  not because because your opinion is different, I have no problem with that, its that almost all of your posts are abrasive and anti apple on a pro apple website.  I removed the insulting name from my previous post as that was not right but my opinion still stands that it is a waste of time to post anti apple comments on a pro apple website.  I can't speak for you but I would never waste my time doing that to an android website and I would be ridiculed there if I...
I blocked Mr. "this screams propaganda" as a troll the first day he came on this site.  He is irrelevant.  Just another person who comes to a pro Apple site and spews anti apple rhetoric  because of an innate need to make himself feel good by putting others down for there choices and to get a rise out of people who are here to read about all things Apple.  I can honestly say that I don't frequent Android sites and call people who use android stupid and ridicule there...
and you understand nothing about thunderbolt.  You do understand that the cables cost what they do because they carry all of the firmware and hardware to make it work right?  Those cables are not just wire.  There are microprocessors in both ends.  And they have come down in price. $20 per 3 meter cable at last check from $49 to $29.
If you read about the last ces and macworld about 50% of the show was people showing off new thunderbolt products.  Thunderbolt is picking up in a big way in just the last six months and will continue to do so.  It is an amazingly fast  peripheral connection bus and it is gaining a lot of ground.  Even more pc motherboard manufacturers are now starting to support it.
Except the push notification ban on all apples products in germany filed by motorola and supported by google that ban was in effect for over a year.  And Google approved.
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