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Lol a gold and Diamond studded iWatch.
Tap on the picture to make the bars disappear. Its that easy.  The bars are there because they contain navigation and edit buttons.  But if you just want to view the pictures full page tap once on the picture and then swipe  left to right to scroll through the pictures with no bars.  If you want the bars back then tap the picture once and they come back.  In safari in ios7 when you scroll the page down as your reading, the bar with navigation controls slides out of the way...
Um you can turn on scroll bars lol. Even in mavericks.  There on auto appear (when you scroll the page they appear then disappear after stopping).You can go into System Preferences>General and Under "Show scroll bars" check "Always"  and scroll bars will be in every window and will not auto hide.  Incidentally Steve Jobs himself introduce the auto hiding scroll bars back in snow leopard.
Gartner and IDC are always Negative on Apples numbers, there so far off in most cases its almost laughable.  IDC has always reported low numbers on apple in the past and both are getting ridiculous with how they account for there numbers.  IDC is the one that started counting white box androids in there mainstream android numbers and skewed there numbers so bad that there totally unreliable as a source for info.   IDC even says that its there mission to report there...
Actually none of the Credit goes to ARM well maybe a little.  Apple is an ARM instruction set licensee (licenses the writes to build chips that understand ARM code, see this).  The do not license off the shelf ARM Core designs (Apple stopped using off the shelf generic arm cores with the A4). (Samsung and Qualcomm do).  There is a huge difference between the two.  Samsung and Qualcomm take off the shelf cores designed by ARM and use them as is (Qualcomm has done a few semi...
One of the interesting things though is that Tim Cook said in an interview that Steve told him "I don't want you ever asking what I would do".Jobs told him this because he had a lot of confidence in Tim Cook and selected him personally as his successor.
I concur.
Criminals don't have any shame they only care what they can get away with.  Look at Samsungs CEO who was just issued and Indian arrest warrant for failure to pay a 4 year old 3 million dollar debt in India.
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