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It backs up any drive you tell it too.  You just have to have a big enough drive.
The US store charges taxes.  $389 on the new mac pro I just purchased.
Actually the D700's are equivalent to the FirePro GL W9000 card from AMD.  There fastest FirePro.  Both the W9000 and the D700's have 6 GB DDR5, and 264GB bandwidth.  So I would say there the same GPU.  But unlike the consumer HD 7970, the FirePro has EEC error correcting memory which guarantees computational accuracy.  Consumer cards do not.  Workstation class cards do.  But there is a slight performance hit because of the EEC Memory.
The PCIe flash drive is fully user upgradeable.  So I would say yes.  I would think that owc would have a drive upgrade soon for the new Mac Pro.
That stupid picture again. Lol.  Who ever made that picture up is a fool. I agree with you 100%.   I have many friends that work in professional video and there is not one of there Mac Pros that are not connected either to a server storage system, or external storage.  HD video is huge uncompressed, and you could not possibly put enough storage in a mac pro even the old one to be enough. And when 4k video starts really coming on strong it is even larger files uncompressed....
Lol  a bigger screen has nothing to do with technology advancement.  Do you realize just how silly that sounds?  The same screen technology a.k.a. IPS is used in the iPhone 5s, and in the the 5" HTC One.  The only difference is the size.  Other than that there is no difference.Lets use that same methodology for TV's shall we?  A 55" IPS display TV is so 2011 technology when today I can buy a 70" IPS display that really is technologically in every way superior to that...
Good for you now go over to droid central and post so that people can pat you on the back.
Apple is not AAPL.  The stock market is a crap shoot.  Investment companies are so screwed up they couldn't unscrew themselves with a power drill.Tim Cook has nothing to do with AAPL share price.  He is doing a great job.
Problem with that chart is that it only goes to october, and does not talk about november like the article does.  Wheres the chart for novemberI would bet the iPhone share has gone up.
I would say this guy finally pulled his head out of his backside.  Now if his fellow analysts can wrap that single brain cell they have around this Apple might get some fair treatment.  But as always I won't hold my breath.
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