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This is for the quarter just completed and the new iPhones the 6 and 6 plus won't show significant sales volume until the current fiscal 1st quarter of 2015 concludes 3 months from september 27th.  The new iPhones have only been on sale from the 19th of September forward. So only 9 days of the fiscal 4th quarter were the new iPhones the 6 and the 6 Plus counted towards the fiscal 4th quarter of 2014.  The majority of this just concluded fiscal 4th quarter of 2014 was the...
what's going to get hacked?  What are thieves going to get?  A bunch of one time use tokenized numbers that are useless once they have been used?  The thief also has to have your fingerprint. Your card numbers are not stored on your phone.  If your phone gets stolen you can immediately suspend payments from that device.The retailer gets no info from you at all.  Just the one time use tokenized number.  They don't get a card number, security code, signature or any other...
It will have a "kick stand!"/s
They don't have a choice, because in 2015 it will become law that any retailer that does not support an nfc terminal pay system in there stores will be responsible for the fraud that happens to there POS systems.  That incentive enough?  At this point 40 million Target debit cards compromised and 57 million at Home Depot are huge incentives when they become responsible for the compromised cards.
They won't.  None of your personal data is given to the POS system in the store.  All they get is a tokenized one time use number.  They don't know who you are what you spent, any debit card info or any personal info.  During the keynote for the iPhone 6 Eddy Cue made this extremely clear in his presentation.
Here is the problem with most of the comments here.  The merchants Target and Home Depot ARE RESPONSIBLE!  They are because it was not credit cards that were hacked it was in both cases POS system malware (point of sale system malware).  In other words the stores own point of sale system was hacked and anyone sliding a debit card got there number recorded and there expiration date and pin number in some cases and then they were given to the malware and in turn the hackers....
Huh.  I used blue tooth in my car today with my 5s and it doesn't have any problems under 8.0.2.
TSMC just bought a chip foundry in upstate new york.  If that helps your allegiance.
Um apparently you didn't watch the keynote but Apple Pay is most definitely for online payments too.  It was announced in the keynote.
You hit the nail right on the head.  Credit cards with a magnetic strip are stupidly easy to copy, and clone and really are no security at all.There 30 year old tech that is way past its prime.  There security is 30 years old too.
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