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I am a republican, and I don't care what political party you belong  to if you want an education you can get one and earn one yourself.Both my son and my daughter earned and worked there way through college.  I am a blue collar worker and could not afford to "give them an education but saying it is a republican notion that everyone can get an education is complete baloney.  I have democratic or as they like to be called "progressive" neighbors that believe the same thing...
Samsung Engineers don't "make the A9" in any way shape or form.  Apple engineers "make the A9"  and samsung's chip fab "manufactures the apple designed A chips" nothing more. Actually now that I think of it I would probably say that samsung engineers because they have apples design on the a series chips probably rip off apples engineers designs of the A series.
Problem with that whole picture there is that Softcard and Google are the token vendors and keep your credit card data.  With Apple Pay the bank that issues your card keeps the card numbers and authenticates the tokens thru the device ID of the secure element.  In fact once you have fingerprinted for an Apple Pay purchase the transaction is completely between your bank and the vendor.  BIG DIFFERENCE.  I would not trust google or soft card with my credit card numbers in...
One glaring problem is that 123 claims the hires violated non disclosure agreements with apple. Where is the proof?  What apple products currently use 123's ip?  All they have claimed in the lawsuit is that Apple hired them under "suspicious circumstances". Apple was just sued for anti poaching policies and was told that it is illegal for them to stop poaching.    Hello 123?  Are you late to the party?  If an actual Apple product exists on the market that is using 123's...
 I concur, A top end Mac Pro with all the bells and whistles is right now $9599.00.  I highly doubt the watch even the gold edition will be that high.  I would believe 5k but not 10k.
If you look at the one in the video in this article it has a spinning laser on the front and the rear and there both spinning.  So I would think that is is a precision mapping vehicle.
Maynard Um is a moron, He is the same douche that is bearish on Apple right now and is one of the lowest stock price estimates out there, in fact I think that he  has already been upside down 2 or 3 times in january.  Anyone that would follow his stock price forecasts is equally stupid.
I love these articles¡  "Unnamed Sources Say".  What a bunch of baloney, just wait till the damn thing ships and then find out how it really is.  Then make a decision.  That's what I will do, if it doesn't cut it then the second gen version will probably be the one to buy.
lol fadell has become a glasshole¡
Tell me how could your iPhone "loose there stuff"  because of reinstalling the os?  Do you back up or did the individuals back there devices to there computer or iCloud?  Sounds to me if anyone you know lost there "stuff"  They don't have a clue how to back up and do a proper restore.  I have not lost any of my "stuff" do to upgrades ever. My first iPhone was the 3gs.  I currently have a 6.  This lawsuit is utter bull s$@t and the people who are pursuing this know it they...
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