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The quad core is a 3.7 Ghz.  So apple does sell one.
Not very much, the E5 Xeons are horribly expensive.  The 8 core is $1723 and the 12 core is $2614. Thats wholesale price from Intel.  I have seen the 12 core on amazon for $3400.  Having said that though I am patient.  I watch cpu prices and just like the quad cores in my current mac pro were $1200 they dropped to about $200 when I bought mine and upgraded my current mac pro from a dual 2 core to a dual 4 core.they will come down.
They don't.  Xeons all use a socket.  This series uses a LGA 2011 socket.
Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!   I have been saying for weeks to all the naysayers saying that the cpu was soldered to the board that, Intel does not build a solder on version of the Xeon like they do for core I chips.  All current Xeons use and LGA 2011 socket.  Which means the mac pros cpu is replaceable.   Update:  Also note that there using a lidded cpu, with the heat spreader in place unlike the 2012 mac pros.   That makes upgrading even easier.
I understand where your coming from but to build a spec for spec workstation class machine windows machines cost a lot more.  go configure an hp Z820 workstation.  for a 12 core there around 14k without a lot of the mac pros features not the least of which is thunderbolt.
Workstation class gpu's with eec ram are.  Go buy an nvidia kepler workstation gpu or a FireProGL from AMD and you will know what I mean.They really do cost that much.
Just as many of us predicted the analysts will find some way to down play the china mobile deal and bag on Apple again.  Analysts are not worth much in my opinion any more other than being comedic relief, and honestly there not really funny at all.  More pathetic when you think about it.
Lets see.  iPhone, iOS, Siri, 4 complete redesigns of iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, A series custom silicon, audience noise cancelation tech, A7 worlds first 64 bit mobile processor (ARMv8), ios7 worlds first 64bit mobile os (by the way iOS7 shares the code base from OSX 10.9 Mavericks so that it is now very possible to run desktop apps with minor changes in iOS, not a small thing by itself either), Retina display, Battery technology to allow thinner devices, iTouch...
I would argue that the iPad is not just an enlarged iPhone, because it has the eco system to back it up with 400000 proper iPad sized apps, and there are differences in iOS7 that are specific to the iPad and not the iPhone.Android in contrast has very few tablet specific apps and most are just stretched phone apps.  To that end I would say that android tablets are just large android phones because there ecosystem does not support the screen size or barely does at all.
Over the years not one of Digitimes predictions that I have read (and there have been dozens), have come true.   In fact in most cases there so far off from the truth, its actually humorous.  There good for a laugh nothing more.  Just to add any article that quotes them is not worth reading either.
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