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He's running through the forum with blinders on and fingers in his ears yelling so he can't hear anyone.  Like I said reading comprehension for him must have been something he never learned.
LOL you really don't listen do you.  
You know in your world googles search algorithm that does much the same thing as data detectors but on a larger scale should not be patentable either.  Googles search engine is just links!  You are missing the forest for the trees.  
Another misinformed comment you totally ignore the fact hat its not a hyperlink.  It is looking at plain text and interpreting what it sees as a valid email address.  Its not a hyperlink embedded in a document.  As the article said there are literally thousands of lines of code to achieve this. It is not a simple link.
Again you are wrong.  Data Detectors is not an embedded http link.  It is looking at plain text in a document and creating an action based on what it sees.  Again if you read the article you would know that.  But you keep spewing your stupid comments here with no clue about what the actual function of data detectors does.
You have no clue what your talking about.  Its more than just a link.  If you actually read and understood what was said in the article you would know that.  Reading comprehension must be one of you weak suits.
I don't think any of these analysts let that pesky thing call facts get in the way:).  When you make stuff up from your dreams who can dispute you lol.
Lol a gold and Diamond studded iWatch.
Tap on the picture to make the bars disappear. Its that easy.  The bars are there because they contain navigation and edit buttons.  But if you just want to view the pictures full page tap once on the picture and then swipe  left to right to scroll through the pictures with no bars.  If you want the bars back then tap the picture once and they come back.  In safari in ios7 when you scroll the page down as your reading, the bar with navigation controls slides out of the way...
Um you can turn on scroll bars lol. Even in mavericks.  There on auto appear (when you scroll the page they appear then disappear after stopping).You can go into System Preferences>General and Under "Show scroll bars" check "Always"  and scroll bars will be in every window and will not auto hide.  Incidentally Steve Jobs himself introduce the auto hiding scroll bars back in snow leopard.
New Posts  All Forums: