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Except through there motorola arm while they owned them.  Google even wrote public documents supporting Motorola's lawsuits against apple when they aquired them.  And that they would not change that litigation at all as a result of the merger.
The difference is that Apple and Microsoft and Sony and Erricson and Blackberry who are all part owners of rockstar actually use a lot of these patents.  A lot of Nortels (rockstars) patents are part of the 4G standard.  There used by android phones as well as windows phones and iPhones.  There valid patents and a lot of them are part of a standard (4G) that gets used every day.  And the owners are entitled to there royalties.  Remember that Google was part of the original...
A whole twenty posts and all anti apple.  Welcome Troll of the Day.
LOL  Good popcorn bs string there!
Lol do you even have a clue who rockstar is?  obviously not.
Stupid is as stupid does.  Just another analyst talking out there arse about what they don't understand.   Gee nobody thought apple could shock the world with the first custom 64 bit mobile processor and full 64 bit Mobile os to go with it either  but look where we are.  Look at Touch ID Apple sure made that work too!  Look at the pathetic attempt on the GS5 for a fingerprint sensor.   This is well within Apples scope to do this as is just about anything else.  And...
A while back it was revealed during the first samsung/apple court case that Microsoft and Apple agreed to a patent cross-licensing agreement with anti-cloning stipulations (that microsoft would not copy apples hardware) this may be part of that agreement.   http://www.macrumors.com/2012/08/13/apple-has-licensed-ios-design-patents-to-microsoft-agreement-bans-cloning/
Samsung is involving google in this case as there defense saying that they didn't invent these features google did and hence apple should sue google not samsung, which is baloney.  Samsungs phones use touchwiz interface developed by samsung.  The fact that Samsung has already changed some of there interface because of previous trials says otherwise.  Even if they did not invent the infringing parts there guilty because they use them and are still violating a patented item...
Don't forget this recent tidbit :He a criminal lol.Here is a quote from the article at: http://www.ibtimes.com/samsung-chairman-lee-kun-hee-summoned-indias-top-court-face-criminal-charges-over-non-1566776
He's running through the forum with blinders on and fingers in his ears yelling so he can't hear anyone.  Like I said reading comprehension for him must have been something he never learned.
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