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Anybody predict HD TV set?
Is there a link to the 2007 keynote?
Correct this to right forum if it is posted in the wrong one... But why now? For future hardware?
I echo those eentimantes!
Is the update available via softweare update?
Thanks again!
Thanks! How would I make sure?
I have a G4 iMac running at 700Mhz and had as original equipment a Sony CD-RW and a 40 Gb hard drive... I got a Superdrive upgrade from Other World Computing (need to call them still) and installed it... But now it does not recognize the superdrive upgrade or the hard drive... I tried zapping the PRAM but no luck... I also took out the Superdrive and put it back together and it still did not recognize the hard drive. Did I miss something simple? Thanks in advance...
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