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No, he says "lldb". 
Probably because the newer versions contain the latest NSA backdoors.
Breaking News - Apple has introduced the first desktop with no way to upgrade the RAM.
It seems more likely to refer to uncensored access, rather than bandwidth-uncapped access.From Outernet.is"By leveraging datacasting technology over a low-cost satellite constellation, Outernet is able to bypass censorship, ensure privacy, and offer a universally-accessible information service at no cost to global citizens. It's the modern version of shortwave radio, or BitTorrent from space."As for lag times, if the americans can reliably drone shoot missiles on villagers...
 And yet for some magical reason, Motorola seems to have skipped most of the tariffs, taxes and middlemen when they announced the price of the Moto G, launching tomorrow in India.The US prices:8GB at $17916GB at $199The India prices: * $1 = ₹638GB at ₹12,499 = $198.316GB at ₹13,999 = $222.2Difference:8GB : +$19.3, a 10.8% premium16GB : +$23.2, a 11.6% premiumHere's the Moto G page, US:http://www.motorola.com/us/shop-all-mobile-phones-1/Moto-G-Wizard/moto-g.html#steps/1And...
Here in India, people really took up the various EMI offers offered for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 earlier. Those triggered a good increase in sales last year. Apple could have brought prices down to prices of unlocked phones in the US or atleast close to it. But due to reasons unfathomable, it still chooses to keep the prices $110 - $200 more in India. Who the **** in their right minds will pay that exorbitant premium even in so-called non-poor countries? Here's the...
 Is it clear yet how totally you twisted the point from a witness comment to something related to Apple's problem of people not bathing or something?It is barely excusable even if you admit that you quoted the wrong comment. Since you later go on a tirade of 'come off it', 'FUD', blah blah blah, without even checking the thread to see how you screwed up in the first place.
       Skil, you can go through the above conversation again, and again, in case it doesnt click.I dont have the time to mudsling exotic slang, but I hope you realise what you were being in the above conversation. Hope you can get over it. Or as you said, come off it.
You were commenting on a comment made on the basis of the article, so yes, you still need to read the article first. And more importantly, understand what that comment was about in the first place.
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