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Oh really. The commenter lives near the store, has been there, and can confirm that there is indeed a BO problem.How does that sound like an insult to Apple, to you?
You totally missed the point that sniffers are installed in all Apple stores, and most probably all other stores, to activate ventilation to counter body odour. It is the ones in this store that are installed too high to work optimally.It really helps to read the article first.
And Carl Icahn will buy another $500 million in Apple stock.
Reality of outsourcing to do things the cheap way. Most utility app creation is given to low-cost developer companies in far flung countries. Heck, even bigger things like EA & Gameloft games. And these companies hire newbies & interns, pay them worse than peanuts, and expect them to learn off-the-work without 'wasting' any work hours, coz the client wants an 8-hour daily timesheet & pays almost bare minimum-wage per-hour money, by their own standards. And guess who gets...
Smart move to avoid ruffled feathers when Apple possibly releases a waterproof iPhone 6 like those Sony Experias. (You wont want to feel cheated when the next iPhone is so)
While many skeuomorphic elements are rid of, this one makes an entrance. A camera. The earlier lens icon was far more meaningful & truer.   Photos is an unclear icon. A simple stack of photos (as seen for iPad album) would be apt. All icons have lost their shadow effect. The font too. A lighter background would make visibility challenging. Without a 3D depth effect, icons looks very flat. Earlier ones would feel complete with the edge depth. Jony...
Another dont-buy-if-its-bad comment. Listen, many Apple users (incl me) are fond of the UI in the OS and the beautiful form of the hardware. This, here is a big letdown. And when one does say it out (memes and above analogies included), all the neo-apple fans here just cry, heckle and abuse the hell out of him. Really primitive exclusivist behavior. Pathetic.
To put the dates on them, I had my 1st hackintosh in 2010, on an HP DV6516TX laptop. Got the iMac in Sep 2011. Self learned iOS from Aug 2012, after graduation. Became an iOS developer in a startup in Feb 2013. It's Jul 2013 now. Did you really think that ahead, err, far back?
I will let you know. Email or any contact? Or maybe you will be here in this forum after some years?
  Ref. the Korea comment, tell me how that comment is even remotely related to Samsung or Korea in the 1st place. That's still not clear, is it? Any guy can give an opinion and it doesnt take Samsung or Koreans to do so. If you ever thought others are flipping mutes. You have no say if I should 'get off' this website. No thanks for that try anyways.
New Posts  All Forums: