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More Tar Sands! More Keystone! More Horizon! More Invasions for Oil! Yeah, China shouldnt care at all, if USA were its idol. Thank God it isnt.
iPhone 5 price before all these 'incentives' = Rs 45,500 = $ 810+ No American will buy this phone, forget Indians, at this rate. Americans have a far bigger 'incentive system' with their monthly pay contracts, which eventually sum up to a huge price in the end. I am from Mumbai. Am an iOS App Developer in a startup. And I still use a Nokia X2-01 qwerty phone personally. I dont need a 'high-end' smartphone, forget even a smartphone. Any decent phone is enough once it...
The spaceship looked better in white :|
And then people will struggle to see the time coz the start screen sucks /s
Dont know if there is a relation, but all this shit started to happen shortly after Apple started to issue dividends. Maybe it's the reason why Jobs didnt want any dividends.
Jeez Apple ][, Micromax and Karbonn smartphones run Android. So Android phones arent being undercut by 'other' cheaper phones. As for Apple's iPhone price strategy, ofcourse quality comes first. But that doesnt mean they cant reduce prices. Apple is just taking a fat profit margin. iPad and iPad Mini sell for really good price by feature ratio. And comparable Android tablets took a good time reaching that range. And still dont sell as much. Hopefully the rumored lowcost...
It's Bio-Gas, not Bio-fuels. Biogas is one of many biofuels. You are actually referring to others like Bioethanol, which are worse than Biogas. Following excerpt from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BiofuelIn the current corn-to-ethanol production model in the United States, considering the total energy consumed by farm equipment, cultivation, planting, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides made from petroleum, irrigation systems, harvesting, transport of...
Rubber, yeah :) Check out those rubber-bordered phones Nokia makes for the low-end segment in India. Those phones are practically unbreakable in a fall, or even if you throw them.
Turned out to be the same again. Doesnt Eric Schmidt have any balls anymore? Wait, he never had.
I got it now. Apple is making a Transformer iPhone. iPrime.
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