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Isn't that a bit too late to matter? We would probably have the Galaxy Xtra Note Tab 20.1 and Google Licorice Cupcake then.
Even bollywood style is better. This is worse than gangnam style.
If Wikipedia can be reviewed by humans, so can Youtube.
You forgot this? http://www.anandtech.com/show/6324/the-iphone-5-performance-preview
Depends on what the focus is. Like Exxon Mobil focuses on sucking the most oil and the mafia on money. 
This scumbag of a Schmidt should be gagged, shot, and hanged. If cash is how he decides on a company, he's clearly so much full of shit.
So all those people who stand in those mile long queues are "just one part of the market"? LOL
THE END - Another 'Applegate' production
I guess using higher level architecture, system, etc diagrams. Those are pretty abstract in terms of code implementation, but outline the working very well. Plus getting a patent on such stuff will ensure that any copycats can be caught easily if they rip it off.
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