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Even bollywood style is better. This is worse than gangnam style.
If Wikipedia can be reviewed by humans, so can Youtube.
You forgot this? http://www.anandtech.com/show/6324/the-iphone-5-performance-preview
Depends on what the focus is. Like Exxon Mobil focuses on sucking the most oil and the mafia on money. 
This scumbag of a Schmidt should be gagged, shot, and hanged. If cash is how he decides on a company, he's clearly so much full of shit.
So all those people who stand in those mile long queues are "just one part of the market"? LOL
THE END - Another 'Applegate' production
I guess using higher level architecture, system, etc diagrams. Those are pretty abstract in terms of code implementation, but outline the working very well. Plus getting a patent on such stuff will ensure that any copycats can be caught easily if they rip it off.
Dang Tallest, wheres the full list so I can check it? BTW reforms in software patents should be based on exact working. Just like how the mechanical stuff is analysed with working prototypes. The current concept-based patents are killing innovation by covering broad bases, when there are hundreds of ways of accomplishing the same things. Economic reforms, well having safety nets, a true government bank (the Federal Reserve is a mess) should make things better.
Sad, just like how some countries manage to waste big-time money (and human lives) on wars when they are teetering with economic problems back home. We need some real reforms.
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