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Dang Tallest, wheres the full list so I can check it? BTW reforms in software patents should be based on exact working. Just like how the mechanical stuff is analysed with working prototypes. The current concept-based patents are killing innovation by covering broad bases, when there are hundreds of ways of accomplishing the same things. Economic reforms, well having safety nets, a true government bank (the Federal Reserve is a mess) should make things better.
Sad, just like how some countries manage to waste big-time money (and human lives) on wars when they are teetering with economic problems back home. We need some real reforms.
Way to go Apple, that was quick. That should finally shut up those troll trapdoors.
What the hell does any printer need hundreds of MBs in driver size for?
The last time people said that, the iPad was announced. And where it is now...
Cool. Append the /s tag for due sarcasm ;) Chillo
Bluetooth 4 LE mode supports ~200 kbps, so nopes it wont support 320 kbps audio. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth_low_energy#Bluetooth_technology_vs_NFC
    What was so faux about SolipsismX's post? Care to clarify? If you meant to say that Solipsism's idea that only clunky headsets can support iPhone-level battery life, then I agree with you. If you meant that iPhone size batteries are required to keep that long a charge, then thats what I was aiming at.
Agreed that Bluetooth 4 LE (Low Energy) isnt for audio streaming, and it is not the point here. The easy way of charging the headsets through the iDevice is a lot better and convenient than finding a power outlet and not being mobile at that time.
  For a name having Sheldon in it, you are incredibly stupid. The patent clearly describes how the iDevice can power up and recharge the headset when connected. Plus, Bluetooth devices dont have cellular, display and other stuff so they dont have iPhone level power requirements.   Check the article again, The patent is clearly for the magsafe style connection which can power up, recharge and route audio to the headsets when connected. That isnt present in any current...
New Posts  All Forums: