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  For a name having Sheldon in it, you are incredibly stupid. The patent clearly describes how the iDevice can power up and recharge the headset when connected. Plus, Bluetooth devices dont have cellular, display and other stuff so they dont have iPhone level power requirements.   Check the article again, The patent is clearly for the magsafe style connection which can power up, recharge and route audio to the headsets when connected. That isnt present in any current...
Man, if Steve were alive now, he would have scuffed the iPhone 5 when using a prototype, and ordered a redesign weeks before launch. /s p.s. He did do that and Apple had to call Corning to start making Gorilla glass when he scratched his iPhone prototype plastic screen.
Ping perishes right on schedule That headline gave a Gizmodo-style feel
Even if Apple does make a wireless adapter for 30-pin to Lightning connections, it definitely wont be cheaper than the wired adapter. Though it might help guys with speaker docks.
guess they are just gonna replace with longer ones for the 4 inch ipod touches
Jesus! What happened to the site? Too much WHITE. And the fonts are less easy on the eyes. Get me the old AI back!
Am wondering how the jury comes up with the damages so precisely?
For those who wanna check the verdict form questions, here's the article having it: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/12/08/20/overly_complex_verdict_form_could_confuse_jury_judge_says.html
Yoohoo! Apple is winning! Bring the drinks on!
Frankly, I have had that reaction ever since I saw a Samsung product. Their flip-phones (with those big antennas on top) were bulky, scratch-prone, slow, and had offending startup and ring tones. A cheaper Nokia was a hell lot better. And it's become worse since Samsung's obvious copy acts. I have been recommending all my friends to buy anything but Samsung, be it phones, TVs or tablets.
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