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I suspect you've gotta have wi-fi because the mac has to communicate with the iPhone. You're not gonna get your phone on ethernet. And if you've got wi-fi for the phone, then it's there for the mac too. Do you think that's the explanation? A question in return: I know we can place calls by selecting a number, in a contact, on a website, etc. But what if, for ex, I want to call my credit card company using the number on the back of the card. How do i do that? Is there...
Maybe an excellent metaphor? And the same for the "well of similes is drying up..." Very meta.
Dried up, maybe:The excellent limbless monkey line isn't a simile. Simian, yes, but not a simile.
Last "Thursday" or today (Wednesday)?
For the iwatch, with a small speaker?
I think you missed ksec's point completely. 1) he doesn't care if cook's gay. Good that. 2) The US might be tolerant or understanding of homosexuality but many countries are horrifically ignorant in that regard. The consequences to a multinational corporation would be considerable.
Ok, ditching the 3.5mm jack could allow for slimmer iPhones.  But what about cameras requiring more depth (for more functionality)?  I'm surprised Apple hasn't intro'd a wedge-shaped phone, akin to the MBA shape.  The larger end could allow for a better camera, the narrower end for a sense of remarkable slimness, the average thickness would still allow for at least the same volume of battery, and the difference in the two ends would make it even easier to orient to the...
I guess that accomplishes some price averaging, but that would work even better in $10 increments--or heck, a buck at a time. Whatever the amount, it's inefficient in terms of how often you have to go to the station.What's your motivation? Or is it just habit?
Inside. Stark, modern.
I'd like to see Apple utilize as many historical buildings as possible and maintain their design as fully as possible. I realize there's a perhaps insurmountable obstacle between Apple's desire to have the stores so uniform versus having stores that would sustain a feel for the city/state/region they are in and the historical period they are from.
New Posts  All Forums: