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Several years ago one of the major compact digital camera manufacturers brought to market a camera with the lens mounted "sideways", for want of a better term: Instead of having to squeeze the optics into a camera less than 3/4 of an inch thick, they were able to incorporate a longer zoom with the mechanics fitted into the camera's longer dimension, so there was no sacrifice of either focal length or thickness. The lens viewed through a 45-degree mirror so the camera still...
One tip for users: if you close the app it won't resume functioning automatically. You need to open it again manually and then it's good to go.
Nick low, "Christmas in the airport". Music and social history. Ps: Ireland, when I was a kid we had to walk uphill to and from school every day. Those were the days.
It's interesting that the chart "cash payouts for iPads" running in the panel to the right of the news items shows LTE-enabled iPads selling for only $5 to $6 more than wi-fi only models of the same storage capacity. For a feature that costs what, around $125 at time of purchase, that doesn't seem to make sense. Any thoughts?
Also ORBACORB... You both may be right.  I thought I was seeing what i thought i was seeing, but...    :-)      You raised doubts, but I couldn't go back in time to see what i'd seen      Good news is i found out i'm eligible for an upgrade, amounts to a $100 discount.  I'll probably be able to sell my mini, and buy the new Retina model at that discount, with little out of pocket $ changing hands.  Sweet.  And thank you both for forcing me to rethink my...
1:29 am EST and the apple store lists the iPad Mini with Retina, starting at $399.  Available "later in November".
I'm a lifelong journalist. The debate here seems the same as the "get it first" versus "get it right" debate in that profession.Critics and defenders here agree Apple tried the "get it first" route. Instead of the year of development in which Apple develops these apps toward what they were and can be, I wish they'd waited till they could bring them out with the proper tools in the first place.
Right.  My mini fits in my cargo pants pockets.  Because of that it goes more places with me than it would otherwise, and that's an extremely important metric.
Two related tech-spec questions: I'm under the impression the present (until mid-november) mini lacks a gps chip on the wi-fi only model, necessitating the purchase of the cellular model which included that chip. Is that correct? I was told the LTE/cellular model was necessary to assure use of the device as a fully-functional GPS. Second question: If #1, above, properly describes the gps situation, does anyone know if the new Mini with Retina will include the gps chip...
So 9%--roughly one out of ten--buy a 4s? And for every three 5Cs sold, someone buys a 4s? Interesting. And "island hermit" says "So... using this data as gospel we find that the 5c is indeed cannibalizing 5s sales"… That would appear to be the case and by almost exactly the same ratio that 4Ss cannibalized the sales of iPh5 units one year ago, right?
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