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I think the two-meter charging cable is $39 at Apple, making the effective cost of the dock $40.
Either I misunderstand what you're saying or you're wrong. You say when the cheat is "engaged" performance is up, fuel-efficiency (mpg) is up and – the whole point of the cheat – emissions are down. If so, that would be the PERFECT software setting for the car.What am I (or you) missing?Disclaimer: I love my TDI (2014 sportwagon). I love the power and the fuel-efficiency. But I routinely get 3 to 4 mpg less then the car's trip computer indicates. I can't help wondering if...
He said he's not feeling guilty.  You're arguing legality; he's arguing conscience.  
I don't think the rendering's poor. It's ironic, and it's fun. Too much is taken too seriously...
He said sales, which are based on shipments. Didn't people have to wait all of the first month to start getting any deliveries? Was June the month they finally caught up with shipments? If so a large percentage of the sales could've been in the first month and shipped in June?
I've driven through more than half the states in the past five years. I stay off the highways preferring local roads and try to stop at family restaurants and one off stores. I've never encountered the restriction you describe. Maybe it's something unique to the NYC area?
I'm confused. Is this the top-of-the-line MBA? Or is the 2.2 GHz model? This article seems confusing at a minimum and very misleading potentially
I don't recall ever having been dissolved by a BB salesperson.  I've got a BB 10 minutes from my home--the nearest apple store is a good 30 minute drive--and it's a convenient alternative.  I've bought cameras, apple branded accessories, phone accessories, sound equipment, etc.  Your experience may vary.
Right, we need to see an apple watch charging on a Qi device. A question: It's been reported the Sport Watch comes with a plastic charger, not the nice metal one that comes with the two higher tier watch collections. What is the nature of the $29 watch charger apple sells separately? Plastic or metal?
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