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Give back the shareholders money, Dell
I think the iPad 7 Inch maybe true, as some have mention here, iPod touch maybe too small for someone and iPad a little too big.   Anyway, before 2010, not many people will think for for-see a Macbook air of 11' inch to be on the market, many thought 13' inch is just the best smallest size a notebook should have and anything smaller than that will not be a successful and it's too small for a laptop.   But as we know tody, the 11; inch air sells quite well, so it...
I think it will be good if iPad have different size and "family" too. Since Steve Job position iPad as the post PC era and from the great sales they have from iPad in just 3 over years, iPad will really soon become the PC we need. So it will be good that iPad to just not to have one size, make it more like the mac books, have different size and family (like air and Pros) or iPods with the classic, nano, iPod touch models etc. this can attract more buyers as some may...
First, Android and Window 7 mobile are craps compare to iOS. Secondly, HTC, unlike Samsung, never comes out with real attractive design model that can attract buyers to be excited about, some how i feel all their model design look quite the same as each other ( just look at the picture) in this stroy Thirdly, I think the marketing and advertise team in HTC are really craps too. They don't seems to have very huge and exciting advertisement or events to catch attention to...
1 New model 4s, 2 'old' Model and iphone are catching up the hundreds of google model. What a great achievement
For me, i think Apple will not release an iPad 3 next year but a iPad 2S, the same design like the current iPad 2 but with better hardware inside it. Just like iPhone 3G to 3S, iPhone 4 to 4S. In fact, this is a normal process for Apple, just look back at how long they keep the old design of the MBP before Apple changes to the current design, and not to forget the current design has being on the market for about 3 years already
I always wonder what "patents" Samsung really have. I have play around my friends Samsung phone but it seems to me they are just a 'copycat' iPhone!\ Although i dont know the inside tech stuffs, but as a user, they offer nothing special or worst, perform worst than iPhone, so really dont know why they keep suing apple. Better still, they seems to have always lost the case and still wanna 'donate' money to the lawyers. Their lawyers must be very happy.
And now, who say Macs are more expensive than PC.
Totally agree. And iPhone 4s is not only about Siri!!!
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