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This is obviously a sponsored review, and one so badly disguised at that - why would AI review a bumper case out of the blue, especially when the next iteration of the iPhone is on the horizon. This is not news worthy at all. The quality of your articles and reporting has steadily declined just about since Steve's death. And I think this is the last straw for me - I am removing the bookmark to your site from my daily reads.
May I ask if you are answering from experience?- have you tried it? Problem with plugging/unplugging is that I intend to connect my ethernet connection and firewire HDDs etc to the Thunderbolt display, disconnecting it to connect my HDTV would mean losing all those connections.
Help anyone?
Hi there, I am curious if a setup as such will allow me to switch between a thunderbolt display and my HDTV: Macbook Air > Thunderbolt Display > [ Some thunderbolt device, e.g. Lacie SSD ] > HDTV (via a Thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor) These facts I already know: 1) That the thunderbolt controller in Macbook Air will only support 1 external display 2) That even for Macbook Pros where 2 displays are supported, a second non-thunderbolt display can only be connected at the end...
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