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Ah. Copy/paste is definitely buggy. Not just Safari. Mail too. Often times long press doesn't bring up the select/select all/paste options. Very annoying.
Lucky for you. No issues with copy/paste or websites freezing?
Yes yes yes! Apple needs to polish what they have before introducing new features (aside from Apple Pay). But my guess is we'll get news features when news iPads drop. Like the keyboard changes from iPhone Plus.
How does copy/paste work for you? I have lots of issues with that. Text selecting is really bad. Also websites sometimes freeze on me. I would take it to an Apple store but there's nothing they can do.
I'd love to know if anyone at Apple actually uses Safari on their iOS devices. If it was an optional app downloadable from the App Store I don't even think it would get more than one star. I'm not sure why it's so buggy but damn Apple needs to fix it.
Maybe Apple needs to partner with Microsoft on cloud services. Or Tim Cook needs to hire someone with extensive experience in cloud services. Stuff like this happening right before the rollout of Apple pay is not great.
you got me there but I'm not going to make a judgement based on the look of a website. I'm going to assume Angela Ahrendts and Paul Deneve know what they're doing.
Hmm...I think I'm going to trust Apple's judgement over random posters on AI.
The picture that caused someone's Instagram account to go private. I really wasn't expecting MR to publish the photo on its front page. And then 9to5Mac did the same thing (though not using my photos).
So I first noticed on Instagram that some Apple designers were attending fashion week in Paris. MacRumors took one of the photos I posted (which was not linked back to an actual account) and slapped it on their front page with the name of the designer and his Instagram account. Um, no, not the thing to do. His account is now private.
New Posts  All Forums: