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No, Ive disputed that story in the New Yorker profile. He said he and his wife never wanted to leave and they sold their house in England because they were never there. Keep in mind he bought a $17M house in San Francisco and he and his wife became US citizens a few years ago (his children were already citizens as they were born in the here). Another thing to keep in mind is his twin boys are 11 years old now. It seems doubtful that he would want to uproot them and move...
Hmm...perhaps this is some of the "blue sky" stuff Apple's new CDO will be working on.
Like the Google Now competitor (code named 'Proactive') that Apple is allegedly announcing at WWDC? When it comes to software features all companies seem to be copying each other these days.
I don't understand the logic. Cook promotes Ive to a C-suite position, esentially allows him to delegate the stuff he doesn't want to do so so he can focus on the stuff he wants to and that somehow signals retirement? Where is the logic in that?!?
Of all the Kremlinology around this promotion I think Gruber's take makes the most sense.http://daringfireball.net/2015/05/jony_ive_promotion_chief_design_officerYou don't create a C-suite position for someone who is retiring. No one has been brought in to take over Ive's SVP design role. His two lieutenants who got promotions still report to him. Cook's memo specifically said as CDO Ive had responsibility for all design at Apple and that included "new ideas and new...
Wow there was a time when Ive had a head of hair AND was clean shaven.
I have to wonder if Steve Jobs wife had a hand in this change. She was quoted extensively in the New Yorker article and made a comment about if there couldn't be a structure that was more sustainable. I wouldn't be surprised if she nudged Cook in this direction.
I don't know but I think Apple is foolish not to explore it. And I'm not sure where you're getting your 69% iPhone gross margin from considering what Apple reported in their latest financials was total GM of around 40%.
Let's not forget at the D conference in 2012 Tim Cook said "the wrist was interesting". Apple does give clues every now and then.
I know a lot of people talk about Apple owning the dashboard but when has Apple ever been successful being a piece of technology in someone else's product? How successful could they be without deep integration and what car company will give them that level of access and control? The dashboard is a differentiator. Car companies don't want their dashboard looking just like a competitors dashboard. Apple is all about vertical integration and a consistent user experience....
New Posts  All Forums: