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I'll never understand why Apple blogs and rumors sites care so much about these stilly market share reports. We have no idea where they get their data from and since Apple is really the only company to announce sales data it's impossible to know what the market is and what Apple's share of it is. Let's not forget in 2011/2012 some of these same firms were predicting Windows phone would overtake iOS as the #2 platform by now. That's how little credibility they have.
If Apple does release a pen I hope it's not limited to just an iPad pro. I could see a lot of people finding it useful for notetaking and especially if their iPad is becoming their clipboard. An iPad Pro is it really suited for those things as it will be much bigger and heavier.
How many pen patents does Apple have now?
So when do the tech sites report this. I see nothing on any of them right now. You know if this was Apple it would be front page news everywhere.
How much money do you want to put on that?
Here's the thing: we don't have evidence that Apple is selling more iPads because they don't offer multiple logins or user accounts. So this idea that they shouldn't do it because it will hurt iPad sales is ridiculous in my opinion. My guess is Apple hasn't done it because there are other more high priority things they're working on and it's complicated and will take time to do right.
I think it looks really nice.
 How is Apple not taking iPad seriously with iOS 9? Apple doesn't need to turn iPad into a laptop.
I'm not aware of AI ever claiming it was a general tech site. That's what Cnet and ZDNet claim to be.
Windows 10 appears to be a solid update, but did anyone expect Cnet or ZDNet to not give it a favorable review? Those two sites are shills for Microsoft.
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