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Did you have to do that? I had to do it for Netflix but most others, like ESPN and HBO made me go to a website and enter a code to authenticate.
Are you currently able to log into Netflix and other streaming media services using Touch ID? For me Netflix was the only pain in the ass. Most others had me go to a website to punch in a code. Still not great but I'm not sure how much control Apple has over that.
Ok well I'm not defending text input but that's not the remotes fault.
I don't get why people have issues with the remote it works perfectly fine for me. I love it.
It's scary that it even happens in the first place.
Is there anything in Eddy Cue's org that would be considered best in class? Maybe Apple Pay but that's about it. Check out the latest App Store snafu. http://www.allenpike.com/2015/the-worst-app/ Makes you wonder if humans are reviewing what gets on the App Store.
Nice ad. I like Misunderstood better but this one is good too.
So basically blame it all on Bluetooth.
I don't want a version two until the latency issues are nailed.
It will be interesting to see if Apple brings the pencil to other iPads. I think they should. I think the differentiation for iPad Pro should be apps. Developers should be able to design apps just for iPad Pro. One would assume the iPad Pro will always have the most RAM and the best A-series chip. Let developers target that hardware. I think this does two things: one it provides a reason to buy the iPad Pro and two it provides a boost to the other iPad lines. I'm sure...
New Posts  All Forums: