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Doesn't matter. Go look at the threads over at MacRumors. Most of the posters there basically saying Apple lies or only cares about making more profit at the expense of the poor factory workers in China. Apple can say whatever it wants. It's not going to change the mind of those who think it's the epitome of the big, bad capitalist corporation. And that only if Apple spend some of its cash or made less profit then the issue in China would go away,Mike Elgan and his guest...
I tried using ´ú┐Pay at Office Max but the transaction was denied. Why don't these places disable NFC if they're not going to support it.
Ah so this isn't about Apple it's anti-capitalist garbage wrapped around we care about Chinese factory workers, and throw Apple in there for the ratings/page views.
Do we know for a fact this is the case? Has Apple admitted it (or not denied it)?
Why, when its so much easier to be a hypocrite. If Apple is responsible for the plight of Chinese factory workers then aren't all the people who purchase Apple products responsible too? If nobody buys iPhones there's nothing for Chinese factory workers to assemble is there?
Apple is doing more than anyone else. But it's not only Apple's problem to solve. If it bothers you so much then perhaps you should buy your products from someone else.
Good for Apple smacking down the BBC and their biased reporting.
I've never given money to company I thought was rotten before. That makes no sense to me.
Do you own a mobile phone or any other consumer electronic products? there's nothing more pathetic than all the liberal do-gooders complaining about evil corporations all the while typing on their MacBook Airs and texting on their iPhones. I wish people would put their money where their mouth is. If they think Apple is exploiting Chinese workers for profit then stop buying Apple products. Better yet, stop buying any gadgets manufactured in China. Of course if people did...
Yeah there are definitely issues with video scrubbing. Not sure why as this stuff worked just fine in iOS 7.
New Posts  All Forums: