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No one here is saying they own the software or have the right to modify it. But Apple owning the software doesn't mean they have the legal right to put it on your phone without your consent. And it's a stupid argument anyway because it's not something Apple has done or will ever do. The closest they came to it was automatically downloading the installer file to people's devices. But they stopped doing that with iOS 8.
Talk about childish responses...
No it's called fucking BS. Show me where in Apple's EULA for iOS they have the right to update the software on your device without your consent. It's my phone, if I don't want to update the software Apple can't force me.
I don't think anyone here is claiming they should get to keep the software version they have (or downgrade) and get all the functionality the current version has. What people are objecting to is the idea that Apple should be able to update the software on your phone without your consent. Where in the EULA does it say that?!? From what I can tell all the EULA says is Apple at its discretion may make updates to the software and those updates may not include all features that...
I could maybe support not allowing downgrades, especially not people who want to downgrade just because they don't like the look of an icon or the color scheme or whatever. The fewer OS versions Apple and devs have to support the better. But automatically updating people's OS? That's ridiculous.
I thought iOS 9 was all about making it work better on older devices since they're supporting every device iOS 8 supported. Unless you're skeptical Apple will make it happen?
What's been buggy for you? I haven't noticed anything yet.
Apple was definitely feeling it at the height of Samsung's Next Big Thing™ campaign. Let's not forget those emails back and forth between Schiller and Apple's ad agency where Schiller admitted the board was asking him what's wrong with advertising and what he's doing to fix it.http://www.businessinsider.com/phil-schiller-emails-2014-4But honestly I think it was more than advertising. It was the fact that the market wanted larger screen phones. I have no doubt that Apple...
See I knew it. So making a store look nicer only appeals to the wealthy? Is that some stupid liberal orthodoxy?
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