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So now tech specs and geeky benchmarks matter?
The designs of these apps are really nice. I wish Apple's first party iOS apps were this nice.
Hmm...I wonder about that. Already some people are bitching because the rumors claim SS and Edition buyers will get a higher level of customer sport. So I can only imagine what some would say if Apple decided to sell only the sport at places like Target and Walmart. I could see Apple putting a pop up shop in Macy's or Nordstrom before ever going the Target/Walmart/Best Buy route.
I really like this ad. Well done Apple. OT: I found something interesting on LinkedIn. The profile of the Apple employee below was recently updated to indicate he oversees a team of 20 mechanical engineers responsible for the Watch case and bands. What's interesting about it is his profile was only recently updated (within the last month or so) but he says he was given the watch project back in 2012 (he's been at Apple since 2005). Previously he just had a generic...
Apple wants to control the entire experience...at least at launch. Good move.
My brother works for FedEx and he's worried that when Fred Smith retires (or if he dies) Jeff Bezos buy the company. Bezos hates that he has to deal with UPS and FedEx.
So people are going to have packages sent to them for just one thing? Or do you push the button on these things all on the same day so they all come in one shipment? I don't buy things the minute I run out of them. I typically make a list and go to the store once a week. The last thing I want is packages showing up at my door every day. Plus with this button you're buying something price unknown, or at least you have to grab your phone to see the price.
But it's aluminum and glass! And the curved edges are sexy (so say Verge comments section). To me it still looks decidedly Samsung with that tacky chrome around the 'home' button and camera. What I find pathetic is all these tech sites had a go at Apple for the camera 'bump' on the iPhone 6 yet say nothing about the enormous one on the GS6. Same with the front bezels. Everyone complained about the screen to bezel ratio when the 6 and 6 Plus launched (and said Apple needed...
It's actually quite embarrassing. And most GS6 reviews I've read have zero focus on ecosystem. It's basically 'ooh shiny new glass and metal' and 'a little bit less Touchwiz'. And nothing about Samsung Pay.
Is Panrea considered a "quality" establishment? Because they don't have NFC at every register. The last two times I was there I ended up at a register where I couldn't use Pay.
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