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What's funny is all the Watch haters think Musk's tweet was a diss of the Watch. But no where did he say the Watch as an IDEA was bad, just that it's going to take a few generations for it to become really good and you could say that about almost any Apple product. The first really good iPhone was the 3GS. The first iPad and first MacBook Airs weren't great; subsequent generations were much better. The same will be the case with the Watch.
He walked back that trash talk pretty quick. Steve Jobs would never have done that.
So does this mean peak and pop will work with news.google.com in Safari now? Right now it doesn't work.
Right because people aren't motivated by money at the end of the day. Bryan Chaffin, who writes for the Mac Observer and has connections in the Bay Area, says Musk is flat out lying. That people are coming and leaving Tesla from and to a number of companies, including Apple. And if were supposed to believe that Tesla employees don't care about money then no matter what Apple or anyone else offered them they wouldn't leave would they? Yet they are.
This is all a bit fascinating considering earlier this year we had that story about Musk and Jony Ive being deep in conversation at an exclusive Vanity Fair Oscars party. I believe it was an exclusive scoop on this site. Now Musk is throwing shade at Watch, and Pencil.
I wasn't aware Apple is selling cars or batteries. Apple may be competiton in the future but it's not now. And I feel the same way when Apple throws shade. Go look at my comments when Tim Cook went after Google (without mentioning them by name) alledging they were doing nefarious things with your photos. Of course Apple is no where near close to matching Google in machine learning so of course Cook is going to change the subject to privacy. Doesn't mean I agree with it,
And Apple doesn't know anything about building "real hardware"? Give me a break. Musk's background wasn't in the automotive industry. Tim Cook is a master of manufacturing and supply chain. Apple has the money and can hire the talent to build an EV if they want to. Many Apple employees working on this project have automotive experience and Apple's CFO came from GM.
Perhaps Tesla has nothing to worry about with respect to Apple but that doesn't mean they have nothing to worry about in general. The stock was just downgraded today over model X concerns.
Heh, Tesla stock is down 3% pre market because Barclays downgraded them over concerns about the Model X. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-downgraded-barclays-model-x-114607041.html
Musk is basically saying you think the people that brought you the flop that is Watch will be able to successfully build and sell an electric vehicle? I think there's a part of him deep down saying "yes". His comments are like someone self conscious about their looks making fun of someone else's looks.
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