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I didn't say it mattered. I just found it interesting considering Apple has traditionally been a very secretive company. A couple of the names I already pulled up on LinkedIn just because I was curious what part of the company they worked in.
Watch is not a hobby.
Oh I noticed too that many of the screen shots are using actual names of Apple employees.
Whatever one thinks of the Watch the section on Apple's website is very impressive. I don't ever remember seeing that much information for one product on apple.com.
Why did any device with an A5 chip get iOS 8 if it performs that poorly on it? A user shouldn't have to shell out for a new device or jailbreak because a software update made using their phone a worse experience. That's on Apple not the user.
It's not just about money. Big data is just not in Apple's DNA. I would rather see Apple focus on what they do best and I don't think search is it.
What search engine is as good as Google's? The thermonuclear war against Google was Steve Jobs war, not Tim Cooks. I use Google search for one reason only: I haven't found any other search engine as good or better than it.
Apple stay the hell as far away as possible from the SEIU
Anyone know who at Apple was the DRI for the GT relationship?
Speaking of Apple maps, according to Wonder Boy Mark Gurman one of Apple's top managers on the maps team left for Uber in October. And apparently a number of Apple maps employees have left for Uber in the past several months. http://tinyurl.com/mrvdykk
New Posts  All Forums: