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Venture Beat claims Apple is working on a range of smart watches with Swatch. http://venturebeat.com/2014/07/23/apple-is-working-with-swatch-others-on-a-family-of-smartwatches/
Hopefully Apple will force that to happen sooner rather than later.
I don't see Microsoft exiting Surface until they see what Apple's next move is with iPad.
I'm guessing it's up so much this morning because Citi came out with a research note predicting 160M iPhone 6 sales.
When is Wall Street not concerned about guidance.
I was kind of expecting iPad sales to be normalized by now where the YOY change would essentially be flat.I'm hoping we see a shakeup to the iPad line this fall. I'd hate to see the iPad just turn Into an enterprise or POS device. Tim Cook said Apple has exciting things planned for iPad. I've got to believe that's more than just adding Touch ID. At least I hope so.
[quote name="Quadra 610" url="/t/181515/apple-falls-short-of-expectations-with-7-7b-in -profit-on-sales-of-35-2m-iphones-13-3m-ipads/120#post_2567964"]Not EVERY Apple quarter can be an earth-shattering, game-changing record-breaker.  They've had, and continue to have, more than most.  Perspective, guys.  [/quote] It's amazing how a company can post $7.7 BILLION in profits in ONE QUARTER and it's considered "meh".
In what universe does iPad sell 200M units a year? I think life to date iPad has sold ~220M units.
Wouldn't high end = early adopters? So 5C is more of a long tail product. Plus I think there were price reductions/promotions in certain markets.
I have a feeling we're going to get more than just an iPad with A8 and Touch ID. Cook has hinted at exciting things in the iPad space. Don't know if it will be through hardware or software (or a combination of both) but with the introduction of a larger screen iPhone it's the perfect time to differentiate the iPad. Because a bigger iPhone would easily eat into sales of iPad in its current form.
New Posts  All Forums: